Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ruby Tuesday!

It's Ruby Tuesday again and I have taken several pictures this past few days sporting the beautiful color red. I hope you enjoy them.

This is one of my beautiful red Hibiscus blossoms, which I have spotlighted, and like the effect. Isn't it pretty?

There is a nice, home style restaurant in town that we frequent once a week. Outside the restaurant are six huge containers of impatiens. This one had the most red impatiens, so I took a picture of it. Impatiens are always lovely, and they bloom from spring until late fall, and they can't be beat in a shady spot in the garden, or in containers.

After I snapped the picture of the impatiens, Eileen and I went into the restaurant and were seated at our favorite table by a window. And lo and behold, what did I see right at the next table? Something bright red, just waiting for me to take a picture of! How lucky can one get?

See the two old geezers seated at this table? They are frequent visitors to the same restaurant as well. And they usually get their jollies by teasing and flirting with us. Of course, Eileen and I oblige them by flirting back. We get our amusements where we can! Tee Hee!

So the other day, when one of them was wearing a bright red T-shirt, I
grabbed my camera and hopped on over there, much to Eileen's dismay.

I told the geezers that if they let me take their picture, I would make them famous on the Internet. Ha ha ha. They agreed, although they are not into computers and have no idea what the Internet is. But that red shirt looks perfect for a Ruby Tuesday shot, don't you think? Ha! And my geezer friends were extremely nice to cooperate. Thanks, guys. :-)

If you would like to participate in Ruby Tuesday, just visit the teach to find out more.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

PS. Just so no one thinks I am being disrespectful by calling our friends "geezers," it's all done in fun, and the "geezers" sometimes refer to us gals as "old biddies." So all is fair in friendly name calling. :-)


Patti said...

This post had me cracking up!! LOL (referring to those men and old geezers!! LOL) That is so funny!

Great pictures of RED and that was nice of the old geezers to let you take their pictures!!

Have a great day!!

audrey` said...

Tee Hee!
Happy Ruby Tuesday, Renie =)

Thank you for informing me about the award from Pia.
Both of you are so sweet.


Jmkdreak said...

Ha Ha, very funny!

Nice Ruby Tuesday post.


Brenda said...

Funny story Renie. One of the old geezers also had a red glass. I have red hibiscus also, they are some of my favorites. I buy them every year. And impatiens also. The impatiens I got his year are still doing very well.

I especially enjoyed your story of you and Eileen flirting with the old geezers. Happy Tuesday!

Susie said...

I love seeing the touches of red you shared Renie. How fun to have some "old geezers" to be such good sports!

hippochick said...

Hey there Ruby,

I have an Aunt Jane who everyone outside the family always called Ruby. I never knew why until a few years ago when I found out her name was really Ruby Jane. Isn't that weird? Her husband, my uncle, was named David Leroy and we always called him Roy. Odd family I come from.

Also, I am planning on buying a red hibiscus and planting it in my front garden. Wish me luck.

As to the geezers - "You go girl".

~hippo hugs~

Old Lady Lincoln said...

You are just too funny. Well at least you all still enjoy the flirting part. That's about the extent of it around here also. LOL
Have a great day. Time for me to start lunch.

Love the red hibiscus.

david santos said...

Hello, Done Renie!
Very nice posting. Nice photos and pretty picturs.
Have a nice day!

This is not Spam. It is a campaign against the abuse of children.
Thank you.

David Santos

Sandy said...

hahahah, you are SUCH a flirt....

great post today and enjoyed seeing the old geezers....

ancient one said...

This was a funny ruby Tuesday post. Loved it. I would not have had the nerve to take the picture of the 2 guys flirting with y'all.

Kentucky Dreamer said...

LOL I love this post ... "old geezers" ... lol

Gramma Ann said...


I can just see you and Elaine flirting with the two old geezers, and them eating it all up. LOL...This was a fun and funny read today, loved it.

The rest of the pictures were lovely, and red..

Have a nice week and watch out for the flirting..;)


Mojo said...

I'm partial to the hibiscus myself. Love how you lit it. I did a similar one a while back.
Nice work here!

Grandma Faith said...

Pretty red hybiscus!

Rosy said...

"Your such a wonderful crack up! Ha Ha Ha and to think not once did you even mention that red glass too. Old Geezers! ha ha ha I haven't heard that term in ages...ha ha ha

Talk..to..Grams said...

You are so cute Rennie!! Flirting is about all I can do now days too!! Just need an ole geezer to flirt with!! Hugs Grams

Linda said...

You crack me up!!! I can see you slithering over to those men's table and laying on the flattery to get their picture. I bet you two really made their day!!! I didn't do RT today, but I'll be back next week.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I too loved the old geezers. I too would jump up and take a photo, and Yes I have been called a flirt all my life. Not flirting though, I truly lvoe people. Love to see the smile you can bring to their face. Love to make them feel accepted.
Check out my Ruby Post.

Deborah Wilson said...



Maybe *I* should get out and take better pictures...:)

The flowers are beautiful - any kind of red flowers are my favorite.

Dawn said...

Your Hibiscus and those Impatiens are beautiful!!! That is funny about the gentlemen friends of yours!!! They were nice to let you snap their picture!

Mary said...


I love your red photos and those ol' geezers look like they would be a lot of fun. Teasing and joking can make life so much brighter. I'm glady you have such wonderful friends.

Take care and enjoy the season. Leaves are turning quickly here. Hopefully I can get some pictures but we're having a lot of rain here and it is extremely chilly.


Winifred said...

Love your comments about the old geezers. They look good fun. We'd probably call them old gadgies here in the North East of England. Bet you all had a great time that day.

Like your photos too, lovely and summery. Summer, what's that? It's so long since we had one, I've forgotten!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Renie, I love Hibiscus! (had a red one, too, when we lived in AZ); LOVE-LOVE Impatiens...now I'm sad of where I live...I can't have either of them here! *pouting..*
How fun to tease those two gentlemen (ooops, excuse me...old geezers...)Did they pay for your lunch since you promised to make them famous? ;)
Hope your week has been wonderful, Renie.

SweetAnnee said...

Geezers huh??? you are a hoot...
Love your ruby Tuesday..
many smiles, Deena

Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ Great post for Ruby Tuesday
and I am glad your friends agreed to the photo. I smiled at you and Eileen flirting with the old geezers. Your red hibiscus is lovely. Congrats on the awards you received recently. Glad you enjoyed Ode to Others and the jokes..I will take some garden pictures soon as
things are starting to bloom. Take care,
my dear friend, Love, Merle.