Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Cat? Nope! Bad Cat? Yup!

Well, I thought I would show you Fred today. He is no Halloween cat.

But he is kind of cute, don't you think? Here he is shredding some ribbons to get his jollies.

And here he is being a bad cat!

Our weather has turned beautiful once again, with lots of sunshine and pleasant 70s, which is to continue well into next week. We don't get any trick or treaters around here. It is just too rural, and would require a lot of walking. Kids go to town to get their goodies. I miss seeing the little ghosts and goblins, but all I have to do to get some Halloween athmosphere is to go out on the deck! Lots of rustling and creeping noises from my woodland neighbors. And a whoooooooooo-whoooooo to you, Mr. Owl!

Have a Happy Halloween, and a great weekend, everyone.

Blessings from the woods.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ruby Tuesday!

It has been a GRRRRR morning! The HTML got messed up and I had to redo this post. Greg, of course, thinks it's amusing. But I'm going back to bed! GRRRR!

My last hibiscus flower of the season is lovely. I took the photo yesterday as a heavy frost was in the forecast for overnight. And it's chilly this morning! It's always a bit sad to see a beautiful thing come to an end. Oh, well, there is always next summer to look forward to!

We spent some time in beautiful Mammoth Spring last week. You see some reds showing up around the river there.

The hills around here are slowly getting colorful as well, but still have a way to go.

To see other participants visit

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Awesome Surprise!

Left this comment for me on Saturday: --

"Just wanted to let you know that we (AOL's Lemondrop) featured your blog in this week's "Life Spy" -- "Awesome Grandmas who Blog."

Keep on writing!

October 25, 2008 2:41 PM "

Isn't that an awesome surprise? Thank you everyone over at AOL's Lemondrop for featuring my blog in their Awesome-Grandmas-who-Blog. I am very honored for being featured, and two other blogging friends are featured as well: Mary and Winifred. Congratulations friends! And I know of a whole bunch of other awesome grandma's who blog, right here on blogger!

We've had a wonderful time together this week. To prove it, here is a picture. Hope you enjoy it.

Mckenzie and Nana 4-wheeling in the field! Wheeee!

See you all soon!

Blessings from the woods!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking a Break.

Hi Friends,

I took this photo of the north-east corner of my woods yesterday afternoon, and as you can see, the colors are moseying on in, but there is still a lot of green. It will be another week or two before nature has perfected her pallet in these woods.

I did not have time to do Ruby Tuesday this week. I am getting company Wednesday, so have been busy getting ready. My granddaughter McKenzie has a short school week, and her Dad is bringing her down for a visit. They will be here until Saturday. So I will be taking a break from blogging for a few days. I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you Monday or Tuesday.

Blessings from the woods!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Prize Arrived, Hunters Moon, Weekend Wishes!

I hope everyone has had a nice week. Our weather has been beautiful, with some light rain Wednesday night and Thursday. Then it cooled off a bit, but with still lots of sunshine and upper-60s temperatures, which make outdoor life very pleasant. And the lovely, sunny weather will continue well into next week. A nice drive to Deer Leap on the Current River to see how the colors are progressing, is in order for this weekend, although my woods still have a lot of green, so I'm guessing it will be the same there. But it's a beautiful drive nevertheless, so we will go for it.

Thursday, my mail carrier drove to the house to deliver a package.
"Looks like someone has sent you a present," he said.
And someone had indeed. These are my prizes from blogging friend Linda's recent giveaway, that I was lucky enough to win. Aren't they beautiful? I love the tote, from the West Virginia Pumpkin Festival, and the book looks like a most interesting read, and Linda even included a lovely Diary. Thank you so much, Linda, for the beautiful prizes, I really love them.

Did anyone else see the Hunters Moon, this week? I took this shot of it Wednesday night, before the clouds rolled in. Of course, I took the picture from my kitchen window, because I'm too chicken to go out and stand in the middle of the field, in the dark, so I was somewhat hampered by some trees, but I thought it turned out rather well. Greg says it's not bad, except for that "flashlight " glare with it. I don't know where that came from, or what caused it, but I still think it's a pretty darn good picture!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, friends, and enjoy these lovely clear, bright October days, that seem to be trotting by much too quickly.

Blessings from the woods!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

It's another Ruby Tuesday, and this weeks post has been fun for me! Just yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to go to town and meet Eileen for coffee and a snack and some shopping, I only had two pictures in mind for todays post. But as I walked into Mc'D's, there was Eileen, in all her red glory! LOL.

"Oh, you're wearing red this morning! Woo Hoo! Let me go and get my camera from the car," I said, jumping up and running out to get it.

"But I don't want my picture taken," Eileen protested.

"Don't you want to be famous on the Internet?"

"Oh, alright," she said, "But you will owe me for this!"

Just then, in walked our friend Pat. She was wearing red as well! This was my lucky morning.

"Oh, can I take your picture?" I asked her.

"She'll make you famous on the Internet," Eileen told her. And Pat, being a good sport, agreed, and I was all set for another Ruby Tuesday. Aren't my friends nice to put up with me?

Here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

This is my 11 year old granddaughter Hannah, posing with all the ribbons she won at a recent horse show. Isn't she cute? And please note that one of those ribbons is blue!

Here is Eileen, in her red shirt, toasting the picture taker! (Or maybe contemplating throwing the cup of coffee at her!)

And this is Pat. Her red shirt isn't quite as a showy red as Eileen's, but it is still nice for a ruby picture, don't you agree?

And Cody, the dog, wanted to get into the action as well. Here he is showing off his red sweater, smiling for the camera. Woof!

If you'd like to participate in Ruby Tuesday, visit the teach to find out more.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Wishes!

Our weather this week has been gorgeous, and me being such a gad about, have been out enjoying it. Our peak colors are still about two weeks away, but nature has been giving us spurts of delight as hillsides and roadsides gleam in the bright sunshine.

While I was watching these geese swim around at Mammoth Spring State Park, in Arkansas, a sense of peace and calm enveloped me. And peace and calm is a nice feeling to have, especially these days!

So, dear friends-
Don't worry,
Be happy,
And enjoy the weekend!

And if you're a praying kind of person, a little prayer for our country just now, wouldn't hurt either.

Blessings from the woods!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ruby Tuesday!

Autumn blessings become more and more evident as this beautiful season of color progresses, delighting the human spirit. So, I was out with my camera early Monday morning, capturing some of the red colors of Autumn for this weeks Ruby Tuesday post. I hope you enjoy them.

The early bird catches the worm? Well, maybe not, but something even better. This early bird caught the red glow behind the woods, while the morning was still dark.

Nature brightened a thicket at the edge of the woods, with some beautiful red vines!

The lowly scrub sumac becomes a beauty in the Fall!

And the gravel road I live on still has a lot of green, and a beautiful red adding a special touch of beauty to my travels on it. In another two weeks, there will be a riot of color to enjoy.

If you would like to participate in Ruby Tuesday visit the teach to find out more.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Blessings from the woods.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Reflections, Weekend Wishes

Sometimes, when you take a picture, you are surprised at the result once you upload it to your computer. Well at least I was, when I snapped this one.

It happens every fall. The walking sticks that live in the oak trees come down. Suddenly they're everywhere-on the deck, on the house, on the car. See the one here on the antenna of one of the cars? I thought he looked interesting, clinging to the antenna like that. So I snapped his picture. And when I uploaded it, I noticed the reflections in the windows of the car of the house, the tree putting on color, the woods...kind of pretty, and pretty interesting, I thought.

It has been a beautiful week here, and the weekend promises to be just as beautiful with lots of sunshine and low 80s. I will be out and about enjoying it.

I hope your weekend is beautiful as well.

Blessings from the woods.