Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

It's another Ruby Tuesday, and this weeks post has been fun for me! Just yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to go to town and meet Eileen for coffee and a snack and some shopping, I only had two pictures in mind for todays post. But as I walked into Mc'D's, there was Eileen, in all her red glory! LOL.

"Oh, you're wearing red this morning! Woo Hoo! Let me go and get my camera from the car," I said, jumping up and running out to get it.

"But I don't want my picture taken," Eileen protested.

"Don't you want to be famous on the Internet?"

"Oh, alright," she said, "But you will owe me for this!"

Just then, in walked our friend Pat. She was wearing red as well! This was my lucky morning.

"Oh, can I take your picture?" I asked her.

"She'll make you famous on the Internet," Eileen told her. And Pat, being a good sport, agreed, and I was all set for another Ruby Tuesday. Aren't my friends nice to put up with me?

Here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

This is my 11 year old granddaughter Hannah, posing with all the ribbons she won at a recent horse show. Isn't she cute? And please note that one of those ribbons is blue!

Here is Eileen, in her red shirt, toasting the picture taker! (Or maybe contemplating throwing the cup of coffee at her!)

And this is Pat. Her red shirt isn't quite as a showy red as Eileen's, but it is still nice for a ruby picture, don't you agree?

And Cody, the dog, wanted to get into the action as well. Here he is showing off his red sweater, smiling for the camera. Woof!

If you'd like to participate in Ruby Tuesday, visit the teach to find out more.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!


bennie and patsy said...

That is what I tell our village people when I take there picture.LOL

Gramma Ann said...

Those are wonderful pictures for Ruby Tuesday. I love seeing your friends in all their red finery. And congratulations to your granddaughter for all the winnings she enjoyed. Now may I have the famous peoples autographs!!!

Have a lovely Ruby Tuesday day.

Linda said...

Your granddaughter must be a very good rider!! And yes, she is adorable. Your friends Eileen and Pat look smashing in their red.

Brenda said...

I was wondering if Hannah won all the ribbons that day, and what they all meant. Just curious. Lucky day for you that your friends wore red. I think I noticed Eileen had on red lipstick also.
Hope it is getting cooler where you are. We are having temps in the 80's. A little too warm for October. It is hard to know what to wear.

hannah said...

haha, cute!
perfect day for the girls to wear red! a Gotcha moment.
and ofcourse han and cody are adorable as ever.


ancient one said...

Perfect pictures for Ruby Tuesday!!! Loved them all...

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I must say you have some lovely subjects in red for your blog. They are all just perfect. It's 11 am, have the yard mowed, two loads of laundry done, dropped off Granddaughter at school and picked up a gallon of milk on the way home. I feel like I have done my share for the day. LOL Have a good week. Also thanks for visiting my blog like you do.

Linda said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!
It's great to have good friends!
Great Pictures!
Hugs, Linda

Winifred said...

Lovely pictures Renie. It's nice to see your friends and your granddaughter.

hippo chick said...


I always look forward to your Ruby Tuesday posts. This was delightful.

~hippo hugs~

BClark said...

Love the ribbons, not sure who it is harder on parents, child or horse.
Super pictures for Ruby Tuesday, nice you have friends to go along with the fun.

Best to you dear lady, Barbara

JennyLu said...

great job Hannah! You take very lovely photographs Renie, keep up the good work. I finally got mine posted(pups kids etc)! Hope the rest of your tuesday is fine.

Grandy said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday, lovely lady!! ;)

Sammy said...

Oh, Cody is so cute in his little sweater! Just adorable!

Good job to your granddaughter! I used to ride when I was young and I loved it.

Eileen and Pat look wonderful in red! And now they're famous!!

Have a great week, Renie!

Susie said...

The shade of red really suits Eileen.
Your granddaughter certainly has lots of ribbons. She must be a real champ!

Rosy said...

Great Ruby Tuesday filled up with so much red.

By some chance were you wearing any red today?

Your granddaughter is all pretty up in red, white and blue like the color of the USA flag..she also look very proud of her winnings too.

Anonymous said...

I love your friends photos. Yes they are precious and Red is such a fun color. Sweet little granddaughter too, Great wins. Bet you are so proud.

audrey` said...

Hi Renie

Your friends are so sporting =)
They look very nice in red.
They're popular now =)))

Take care.

Gramma Ann said...

Good Morning Renie,

Well! It looks like Cloris made it through for one more week. Poor thing, I hope she can hold up for another week!!

Have a nice day, rain is forecast for our area today.

Nancy said...

Congrats to your granddaughter!!! She must be some rider!!! I know how very proud you are of her, too!!!

The ladies in red look beautiful! But where was YOUR picture in red? I'll have to check that Ruby Tuesday out and see what it's all about.

You always have such lively, fun and interesting posts!!!

TO be hot here again today. They are predicting 87 so we shall see! The AC is still running....Fall may have arrived but I think it has taken a backseat to Summer! LOL

Have a great week, Renie!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Midlife Mom said...

Now that was a successful horseshow! And a blue to boot! Tell your granddaughter congratulations for me, a job well done!

Your friends look so nice in their red! I love red, it's one of my favorite colors and I wear it a lot. It makes me feel cheerful!

Loved your last post too. You are so right, we need to be saying a prayer for our country, many prayers!

Sandy said...

Well this was fun to see! The ladies look lovely in their red and now they are FAMOUS!!

Sandy said...

and the one of your granddaughter is adorable..

Sandy said...


this may be fun to do. I might join in on Ruby Tuesday...

Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ Great photos, Hannah does very well for her age. And Eileen looks well after all her troubles a while back.
I am so glad you liked the jokes and Poem on my blog. Old George sure knew how to get the Police there sooner.
I had planned to post tonight, but got held up with too many callers and phone calls, but I have almost caught up with my replies so will get to it tomorrow.
You take very good care of yourself, dear friend, Love and Blessings. Merle.

Kentucky Dreamer said...

Awe! Lovely friends and such a beautiful granddaughter! Cody is gorgeous too, I want to give him a nice head pat, good doggie!

(Don't ya just love McDonald's coffee? It's the best ...

Greg C said...

Is that a coat on that dog? Oh brother. I think your friends took good pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mountain Mama said...

Hannah looks so proud of all her ribbons and she should be. She must be a very good rider.
I like red but don't wear it much anymore. Maybe I should shop for a nice red shirt. That might encourage me.

Linda said...

I'm glad you got your package and like the diary I included. Hope you enjoy the book and tote.

I'm feeling a little better this evening. Guess my body just needs to get adjusted to all the drug changes.

Willow said...

Good subjects for your photos! Friends like that are worth rubies!

Anonymous said...

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