Friday, August 31, 2007

A Good Day

It was a good day today. Eating out, chatting with friends, browsing around in the stores, was fun. Ran into Garnet, who is walking now with the aid of a crutch, after a nasty fall last week. She is fortunate that she didn't break anything, or that hitting her head on some stone steps didn't do any great damage. At 87, she is a tough old bird, God bless her.

It was a beautiful day today. Sunny and warm, but not extremely hot, as it has been for a month now. Still dry though, but one of these days, the rains will arrive to refresh the parched earth around here.

The deer show up earlier and earlier. This morning they were out there at dawn, looking towards the house; looking for me! didn't let them down!

In the morning, it's back to working on Grist for the Mill. I write fiction so rarely, but when I do, I lose myself in the story. When I finish Grist for the Mill, I will go back to The Purple Castle, which is now sitting in my documents, half done. I'm looking forward to going back to a story about a strange dream, and how it eventually comes true. But enough of that for now. Grist for the Mill is waiting, the heroin, Liz, wants to solve the mystery of the manuscript she found!

Time to put my mind into a sleep mode, so I can go back to Liz refreshed, in the morning.

It was a very good day today!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ho Hum!

It's been a ho-hum day. The most exciting thing that happened was seeing the wild turkeys walk around in the pond! Yes, in the pond. The water level is getting low, they couldn't reach it to get a drink from the bank. So they waded in the water, for their drink. That's the first time I saw turkeys in the water. Looked comical. The Tom turkey is the friendliest. He sometimes struts around when I talk to him from the deck. Andrea says that's because he thinks I'm a turkey, too! Gobble, gobble!

Eileen was happy because the Yankee's beat the Red Sox again, last night. She has been a die hard Yankee fan all her life, and she may be living in the country now, but she is a New York gal at heart. Always will be. I tell her we may not have Macy's or Saks around here, but we have a Super Wal-Mart not too far away!

I visited New York City once, and found it fabulous and exciting. But I wouldn't want to live there. Eileen still would, if she could. But she makes the best of things, and we have fun our own simple way. And the coffee at Mc'D's is the best in town. Who needs Starbucks, with Mc'D's around?

Didn't get much writing done, and tomorrow I am out of here for a while.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Writing the Cyber Highway

My talented young writer friend, Michele Tune has a wonderful blog called, Writing the Cyber Highway. I added her link to my favorites. If you're a new writer, (or even a seasoned one) she will inspire you to keep writing, and bring you much enjoyment. Visit her blog and be sure to say "Hi." You will be glad you did.

Still No Rain!

Well, we still haven't had any rain, although some dark clouds are forming, and the forecast says showers are possible today. Because of the clouds, it's not quite as hot as it's been, but still 90 and very muggy out. The resident deer spend a lot of time in the pond, to keep cool. I feel sorry for the butterflies, as there are so few flowers anywhere, because of the drought. Wildflowers that were always abundant along the roadsides and around the field and woods, have dried up. Just before, as I sat on the deck for a little while, a tiny butterfly landed on my arm. It stayed there, his feelers tickling my skin a bit. I don't know what he was getting from my skin, but he stayed quite some time, so it must have been something. I even came in the house, while I held on to the tiny butterfly, and put some droplets of hummingbird nectar in my palm. Once outside again, I placed the butterfly near the sweet nectar, and the tiny jewel was drinking the droplets! Then he flittered off, hopefully sustained for a while. The hot dry weather is hard on most living things. Well, except for the dragonflies (and most insects) that zip around the field like tiny helicopters. They love the heat, I read somewhere, when I was doing research for an article on these interesting creatures. Nature is filled with wonder and beauty, but it has it's harsh side as well. Just like all life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm So Confused

Today is Tuesday, August 28, and I'm trying to set up a blog. But I'm so confused. I seemed to have created three different blogs, but I only want one. Maybe the extreme heat in our area for weeks on end now, fried my brains.

I'm hoping that blogging will get my creative juices flowing better. I did have good news in the mail. A contract came from Bordon Books for a story to be published in The Best Dad in the World. That was a nice surprise. And Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Brothers and Sisters contacted me about a "media blitz" they are now having for the book. That's neat. My story in the book is "You're Too Cute To Be A Boy." My sons and daughter will get a kick out of the story, once they read it. I think. I hope! And I received my copy of the September issue of Catholic Digest, a few days ago, with my story in it. I'm on page 74, in case anyone reading this subscribes to it.

Well that's enough good news for today. I am going outside to do a rain dance. Hoping it will help end this long, dry period we've been in. And a little prayer can't hurt either: Dear God, please bless these beautiful but dry woods with some rain, soon, Amen!"