Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ho Hum!

It's been a ho-hum day. The most exciting thing that happened was seeing the wild turkeys walk around in the pond! Yes, in the pond. The water level is getting low, they couldn't reach it to get a drink from the bank. So they waded in the water, for their drink. That's the first time I saw turkeys in the water. Looked comical. The Tom turkey is the friendliest. He sometimes struts around when I talk to him from the deck. Andrea says that's because he thinks I'm a turkey, too! Gobble, gobble!

Eileen was happy because the Yankee's beat the Red Sox again, last night. She has been a die hard Yankee fan all her life, and she may be living in the country now, but she is a New York gal at heart. Always will be. I tell her we may not have Macy's or Saks around here, but we have a Super Wal-Mart not too far away!

I visited New York City once, and found it fabulous and exciting. But I wouldn't want to live there. Eileen still would, if she could. But she makes the best of things, and we have fun our own simple way. And the coffee at Mc'D's is the best in town. Who needs Starbucks, with Mc'D's around?

Didn't get much writing done, and tomorrow I am out of here for a while.


Michele L. Tune said...

Doesn't sound too "ho-hum" to me! Turkeys in the water, winning teams, memories of New York City, and great friends to share it all with....

Simple is good ;) That's a country gal's motto.

Maybe you'll get some writing done soon. Until then, enjoy the moment!

Renie Burghardt said...

Yes, simple is good. But a little excitement now and then makes things more interesting. Guess the turkeys in the pond is exciting enough, huh? Thanks for commenting.

Jmkdreak said...
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Jmkdreak said...

Poor turkeys! Good thing they have your pond to dip in. I hope it rains soon. You must not have done your song and rain dance yet. Noone will hear you just sing as loud as you can! Have fun in "town". xox

Anne C. Watkins said...

Hi Renie!

How great to see you here! I think you'll be a natural at this blogger thing. :)

Can't wait to read your postings--and I love the deer picture and the one of you with your silky chickens. Such cute things!

Yer bud,


Renie Burghardt said...

Aww, thanks for visiting and commenting dear bud, Anne! Hope you saw my posting on Bailey's Picture Pages. Auntie Renie thought he was adorable!

You made my day by coming by!

Reniewriter (Haha.)

Renie Burghardt said...

comment to jmkdrea

Oh, yes, poor turkeys. I need Hannah, the Girl Scout to come and do the rain dance with the song prayer!