Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Still No Rain!

Well, we still haven't had any rain, although some dark clouds are forming, and the forecast says showers are possible today. Because of the clouds, it's not quite as hot as it's been, but still 90 and very muggy out. The resident deer spend a lot of time in the pond, to keep cool. I feel sorry for the butterflies, as there are so few flowers anywhere, because of the drought. Wildflowers that were always abundant along the roadsides and around the field and woods, have dried up. Just before, as I sat on the deck for a little while, a tiny butterfly landed on my arm. It stayed there, his feelers tickling my skin a bit. I don't know what he was getting from my skin, but he stayed quite some time, so it must have been something. I even came in the house, while I held on to the tiny butterfly, and put some droplets of hummingbird nectar in my palm. Once outside again, I placed the butterfly near the sweet nectar, and the tiny jewel was drinking the droplets! Then he flittered off, hopefully sustained for a while. The hot dry weather is hard on most living things. Well, except for the dragonflies (and most insects) that zip around the field like tiny helicopters. They love the heat, I read somewhere, when I was doing research for an article on these interesting creatures. Nature is filled with wonder and beauty, but it has it's harsh side as well. Just like all life.


Michele L. Tune said...

Love the photo of deer, Renie! Yes, it's sad about the creatures having it so hard in this weather....

Keep blogging, you're a natural :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Michele,

Thank you for the nice comment. I do enjoy blogging, but have a lot to learn about set up, etc. But my blog is for fun, for personal comments, etc. I think it will do for that. I love your blog!