Friday, August 31, 2007

A Good Day

It was a good day today. Eating out, chatting with friends, browsing around in the stores, was fun. Ran into Garnet, who is walking now with the aid of a crutch, after a nasty fall last week. She is fortunate that she didn't break anything, or that hitting her head on some stone steps didn't do any great damage. At 87, she is a tough old bird, God bless her.

It was a beautiful day today. Sunny and warm, but not extremely hot, as it has been for a month now. Still dry though, but one of these days, the rains will arrive to refresh the parched earth around here.

The deer show up earlier and earlier. This morning they were out there at dawn, looking towards the house; looking for me! didn't let them down!

In the morning, it's back to working on Grist for the Mill. I write fiction so rarely, but when I do, I lose myself in the story. When I finish Grist for the Mill, I will go back to The Purple Castle, which is now sitting in my documents, half done. I'm looking forward to going back to a story about a strange dream, and how it eventually comes true. But enough of that for now. Grist for the Mill is waiting, the heroin, Liz, wants to solve the mystery of the manuscript she found!

Time to put my mind into a sleep mode, so I can go back to Liz refreshed, in the morning.

It was a very good day today!


Michele L. Tune said...

Great entry, Renie! Leads us right through the day as if we were with you, experiencing the moment ourselves!

Sorry to hear about Garnet. She is a tough bird, that's for sure.

Awesome that the deer watch for you and that you don't let them down;)

The stories you mention sound amazing. I'm sure they'll be magical, as all of your stories are!

Keep blogging, it compliments you well....

Renie Burghardt said...

Thank you, Michele!