Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Should I Blog About Today?

Oh Me, Oh My, What Should I Blog About Today?

Should I blog about the crane at the pond?

Or the goldfinch at the spring, contemplating a cold drink?

Or maybe about some of the pretty blooms in my yard?

Like my lovely sunset orange rose, that I just planted this spring?

Or the beautiful, tropical hibiscus, that is putting on a show now?

Or better yet, should I blog about the new picture my daughter emailed me of Nichole, on the left, who is home from college for the summer, and Hannah, her twelve year old sister, who is happy to have her older sister home? Of course, their Nana loves to see pictures of them!

Or should I blog about the weather? Last winter, I vowed that I would never complain about summer heat, ever again. But guess what? I'm complaining! We've been in the upper 90s all week! It's just too darn HOT!!!!

Of course, the heat limits my outdoor activities to early mornings, or evenings, just before dark sets it, and that's a bummer for an outdoor person like myself. The rest of the time I'm dashing from the air conditioned house, to the air conditioned car, to air conditioned stores, air conditioned restaurants, air conditioned church, etc, etc. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

I hope your weather is cooler. Thank you for coming by. Have a great weekend!

Blessings from the woods!


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Renie...I love all your pictures!
We don't have any Golfinches this year even though I put out a feeder of Thisle seed in the spring! :(
Hot! We have been over 100 everyday this week and are forecast to be through Sunday!
Our heat index was 113 yesterday!
Today makes 21 days without a drop of rain!
But we have 3 new baby boy peeks so I will stop moaning!
Puppy Hugs

Gramma Ann said...

I enjoyed reading about what you should blog about. The pictures are lovely as always. And the granddaughters are beautiful. Aren't grandchildren great?

The weather here in Iowa has been very HOT and HUMID. I set in my air-conditioned apartment and stay cool. Like you I only run to the air-conditioned car to go somewhere and then back to my air-conditioned apartment.

I hope you have a fun-filled and not to hot week-end.

Rudee said...

I love all of your photos. The hibiscus is particularly pretty. Thats quite an age disparity in your grandbabies!

I don't know how our ancestors tolerated the heat. It was 97 here yesterday.

Sharon said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful.
It is hot,humid,stormy here all week.
We get storms every evening and it drops rain,hail.Then after it passes it gets humid.That is hard to take. Heat index over 100.
Your photos are so pretty.
Thanks for sharing.
Stay cool
God Bless

Brenda said...

You are good with a camera Renie. I admire how people can capture a bird. Your hibiscus is pretty. I almost always have them, but this year I didn't spend a dime on flowers, except for the seeds I tried to grow and they didn't do well. Except for being hot, it is still good to get outside. Have a great week!

Lakeland Jo said...

you are now an adopted and honorary brit. You talk about the weather and complain about it. It is our obsession over here.
Great pics- you live in a lovely place.

Reader Wil said...

All your photos are precious! Thanks for sharing, You are a loving mother and grandmother. And I wished you lived in my neighbourhood then we could talk about everything over a cup of coffee.Love, Wil

Patty said...

Lovely photo, beautiful granddaughter. I think us grandparents never tire of looking at photos of the grandchildren.

We've been having heat also, not the high 90's, but the low 90's. Yesterday I wanted till around 7:30 and went out and mowed the backyard. I haven't sweat that much in ages. So I made sure I drank plenty of water all evening.

Today I went to the grocery, but got there a little later than I wanted, so it was after 11, when i started home, thank goodness I only have about four blocks to get home. It was miserable. In that short time, the ice cream had started to thaw.

Have kept myself indoors all day. Cleaned some strawberries to have at supper time. If I were here along, that's all I would have, but I will fix some meat for the family and also the macaroni salad I made yesterday.

Stay in and keep cool. I just wish it would rain a little tonight and possibly cool things off.

Jmkdreak said...

Love your pictures!


hippo chick said...

Oh Renie, I love the pictures. You are a talented photographer.

I've been moaning and groaning for two months that the weather isn't warm enough, so I need to say "NOTHING" about this 90 degree day. It rained awhile ago, but didn't seem to cool it off much.

We went to the LPGA today and it was really warm. We did find a nice shady spot on a bleacher and watched a lot of putting. It was fun. My company arrives soon. I'm anxious for them to come.

Love the pics of your granddaughters. Sweet looking girls.

~hippo hugs~

Loretta said...

As all ways, beautiful pictures! It's really, really hot down here too. I keep reminding myself how I wished for summer back in Jan.

Rachel said...

Loved all your pictures!! That sunset orange rose is so pretty!!

You have lovely grandaughters too!!

It's been very hot and humid here. You're not the only one complaining!! :)

Grandy said...

Sounds like you were not at a loss for beautiful things to blog about. I hope you have a glorious weekend lovely lady!! ;)

Mountain Mama said...

Your flowers are beautiful Renie and so are your granddaughters.
So you are having summer already! My goodness I wouldn't like it that hot either. Like you I stay in the house until it cools off in th evening and do as much as I can in the morning before the sun begins to roast the earth.
I have seen three birds this spring that I have never seen around here before.I need to look in my bird book to see if I can identify them. I had to move my bird feeder a few weeks ago because of the work I am doing out there and not many birds are coming right now. I need to hurry and get done out there so I can replace their favorite diner.
Stay cool Renie and take care. Love & Hugs

Kathleen said...

To have your idea for beauty and your wondrous spirit that shines through your photos and your writing--now that would be a fine thing.

Linda said...

Oh Renie...I love your photos.
I agree..the weather has been very hot this year. I sure do prefer the heat to the cold, but wow!

Have a Great weekend!
Hugs said...

I loved your pictures!

As you know I live in Missouri too!! AND it is Hot!! Like you if I get out it is into the AC something or other! Hugs Grams

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your comment! Well we can still put a green balloon on our blogs spreading the message. The troubles are still there and by far not over.

GutsyWriter said...

You have so many pretty nature photos and then your Grandaughters, who are special. Talking about the extremes you've had in weather this year. I'll never forget the frost photos you sent us. Keep cool, my friend.

Margaret Cloud said...

Hi Renie, no we are not cool here in Michigan, it is very hot, the weather man said it is supposed to cool down this weekend. I like your pictures very much especially those sweet looking grandkids of yours. Hope you have a great weekend, what would we do with out the AC in hot weather.

Deborah Wilson said...


It IS too hot! The weather has been dry here, for over a week it has been 98 in the shade! It limits my outdoors activities too, but I do try to hit the pool, if I can. The photos are pretty - I think we all have been taking a well deserved break from the blogs - I know I have.

I put up a bird feeder and have been observing birds - what a lot of fun they are. More on this later in the week...

bennie and patsy said...

Thank you Renie for your comment on the loss of my son. I ment so much to me.
Patsy said...

Hi, I would be so happy for you to have any of the icons/buttons you would like.
I found this place and they were free and I just sorta went nuts with them on my side bar but I had a good time putiing them on there!

I am ready for it to cool down a little! My girls went to a BBQ and to play volley ball tonight and I am so happy I didn't have to be out side!!! Hugs Grams

Mary said...


It's been really hot here as well and a few days really humid.

I'm glad you decided to blog about all of these things. Love the photos of the birds at the water and your granddaughters are beautiful.

Keep cool, or at least try to. Today was nice so we got out and had a bit of fun.

NitWit1 said...

The heat suppresses creative thought some days.

Yesterday was 101 deg. with "feel like" temp. - 115 deg.

I write a city newsletter as a part of my official duties. Yesterday I distributed them to several city locations.

The time was ll a.m. -ish. It took less than hour. When I returned home it took two hours to cool down.

Red said...

Nichole has grown up and she looks JUST like her momma!

Great pictures. I wish I was outdoorsy and into gardening. I love to see the flowers but I hate to do the garden work. Bugs and snakes and critters you know!

Reader Wil said...

Good morning Renie! Thanks for your visit!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Renie! Good morning! Thanks for your visit. It's always nice to see you! I think that you also had a very interesting life. Sometimes I wish that we lived closer to each other, but then again we wouldn't learn so many new facts.

Sandy said...

Beautiful granddaughters you have! We are finally getting heat for about a week, I'm ready to say uncle...and bring back the fog and low clouds.

Enjoyed the post amd photos.

audrey` said...

Wow! The pictures are so lovely =)

I'm trying to upload some photos onto blogger but unsuccessful. Blogger could be having some glitches these 2 days. The photos are up on Facebook in the "Colourful Collection" album. Surprise...!