Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello, Anyone Out There?

Hello, anyone out there in blogland? It's been over a month since I last posted, so I thought I'd do a little update before you forget I'm here. You know the "out of sight, out of mind" theory. :-)

I have been enjoying summer by gallivanting here, there and everywhere. How has your summer been? It's hard to believe Fall is just around the corner.

The caravan of horse and buggies came down my gravel road again last week, so I thought I'd post a few pictures.
Here some of them come. There were 15 wagons, buggies and people on horseback altogether, and I'm just posting a few, of course. These folks are members of the Maynard, Arkansas saddle club, and go on these outings in the spring, summer and fall. In August is when they come down my road and I am glad they do. We need a little excitement around here, now and then.

And if the Good Lord be willing, we'll see them again next year.

Two Sundays ago, church friends Margaret and Jerry invited Eileen and me to a huge buffet fifty miles from home, as their guests. Our waitress was nice enough to take this picture, and I will just say, all the eating out I have been doing lately is plumping up my cheeks!

Well, I know I posted this on Facebook, but not here on my blog. This is the newest book I have a story in. Isn't it a beautiful little book? Actually, it's a collection on favorite childhood recipes and the stories that go along with the recipes. I am pleased to be included in this book.

Last, but not least, blogging buddy Brenda's sweet husband Bob made the nicest comment on my story in the latest Chicken Soup book on my last post, below. For a writer, whether it comes in an email, in a letter or as a comment in my blog, this is the kind of feedback that is worth it's weight in gold:

Uncle Bobby said...

Hi Renie. I am Bob Vornberg, Brenda's husband. Our granddaughter Maddie stayed with us overnight, and this morning as we played with her in the family room, I picked up the new "Chicken Soup" book and read your story on page 256 -- "Making the Best of the Worst of Times". As I looked down at our Maddie and pictured in my mind the scene you were painting, the example and lesson of your Grandfather made a very strong impression on me. I had a real sense of his spirit - not speaking to me in words - but as a role model, which he surely must have been for you.We have a young willow tree growing in our back yard, and whenever I look at it now, I will be reminded of your Grandfather - and it will remind me to try to be a role model to Maddie. I believe that God provides these "connections" for us if we are open to them. Please know that the spirit of your Grandfather is alive in our hearts. Thank you.

Thank you, Bob, for your touching comment. Yes, my Grandfather was a wonderful role model, as was my Grandma, and I have tried to keep both of their spirits alive in my stories.

Well, I made this post long enough to make up for all the posts I have missed in the past month. Now, it's time to go and gallivant some more.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Blessings from the woods!


audrey` said...

Hellooooo Renie!!!

Yeah! I'm the first one to comment here. It's indeed a great privilege =)HaHa!

"Out of sight, out of mind" doesn't apply to us. Tweet Tweet ^grin^

All the eating has plumped up my whole body. It's time for me to lose some weight. It's long overdue. HeHe!

Take care, my dear friend (((HUGS)))


Hootin' Anni said...

Hello dear Renie. Hey, summers are supposed to be busy...and enjoying the days with friends as you did, that's the best excuse for not my book!

I had a 'wildlife' adventure in my own backyard [in the CITY!] this morning and blogged about it.

Hope you're Monday treats you well.

Congrats on having your story published.

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Renie,

What a joy to hear about your gallivanting about. I love the photos of the caravan of horse and buggies. Wasnt' that nice of your friends to invite you two out to a meal together. Why is it we have so much fun socializing over food? But, like you, I have puffed up a long time ago, but isn't that the way gramma's are suppose to look? hee, hee.

I have decided to only blog once or so a week or month. I have been spending way to much time on the computer, so I decided to enjoy some of my other hobbies. There are so many other interests I have that I have been neglecting because of all the blogging and commenting, so I am slowing down. Thanks for all your visits and kind comments, I always appreciate hearing from you. Until next time enjoy your week, month, or year. I will be on the lookout for the books.

Reader Wil said...

Hello Renie, what a lovely post! I also like the Chicken Soup books. To order one I need the ISBN, could you give that to me, please? Thanks! Hugs, Wil.

Rudee said...

I always enjoy reading about what you've been up to lately. Though the horses and buggies are lovely, I'm still picturing you gliding through summer on a jet ski!

You really do make me smile when you post.

Have a great day, Renie.

Sharon said...

It was so nice to hear from you.
I enjoy reading about your goings.
It was nice of your church friends to take you out to lunch.
I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer and will be here waiting to read about it.
Take care
God bless

NitWit1 said...

Hey I finally get to comment on something. And congrats on the recent publication.

We have a saddle club near me, but I don't think it is that active.

I love to see anyone enjoying their passion, be it reading, horses, fishing, blogging, crafting.

Keep on gallivanting. The Lord made a wonderful world and all that is good, is his creation.

After this mini-vacation, I may rearrange my life to include more....except they are a tad expensive.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Hi Sweet galavanting girl you! I'm going to look for that book! The e-mail from Bob is precious! Love you! Love the wagons! The chicks send love pecks!

hippo chick said...

Oh Renie, I'm so glad you are on FB so I can keep track of you. I love this post. Looks like you have been having fun.

I remember the caravan from last year. I'm glad we are "old" friends.

Good to hear from you and catch up with your great photos.

~hippo hugs~

Poetikat said...

Renie, Thank you for being such a positive example in such a negative world. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Bob Vornberg is absolutely right.


bennie and patsy said...

Hi, Renie been thinking about you ,glad to know you are having a fun summer and that little plump never hunt anyone. How do we get you on facebook? Love your storys.
It looks like blogger is having problems with my and some others updates on our post.

Lakeland Jo said...

like the look of that book- will order.
what did you have at the huge buffet? I am curious!!

Brenda said...

Hi Renie,
The horses and buggies would really be a treat for me if they came down my road...but they won't because we live in a subdivision...ha. Thanks for posting the pictures and for the nice comment about Bob. He is pretty special, and takes an interest in my blogging world. I keep trying to encourage him to do some creative writing through blogging because I know he would be really good at. He just lacks the time right now.
I will be on the lookout for this cookbook.

Winifred said...

I was wondering where you were Renie. Sounds like you've been having a good time.

Those were lovely comments from Bob about your granddad. Mine was fantastic, a lovely man and I have lots of wonderful memories of him.

hannah said...

How do you know when the horses are coming? do you hear them from in the house? Guess you've been lucky to be home to see them each year since you are out at buffets so often =-)!
Very nice comment from Bob.
Your cheeks look great, that's a great picture of you.


bennie and patsy said...

I got your comment about facebook. I am not on it yet but will let you know when.

Jaina said...

Welcome back!! What wonderful pictures you've shared with us. What a lovely comment to receive, that has to make you feel wonderful :)

Patty said...

What a wonderful comment from Brenda's husband. Glad to see you back on the blog, I do see you on Face Book. We're all hoping you will be taking photos of the caravan next year. Think of me Wed. when you have your Chinese food. Perhaps Abe and I will have to go get some tomorrow. We'll be alone, Granddaughter will be going to King's Island with her Uncle and cousin, to the water park. She loves it. Plus her school starts this coming Thursday the 29th. I can remember when our school always started the day after Labor Day.

Have a good evening. Sleep well, now don't do too much running around.

Rosy said...

"Welcome Back to the Blog World once again Renie!

Been missing your posts here very much. I kind of figure you just gave up blogging for the rest of this summer here.

I not yet seen the lastest Chicken Soup Book, gonna have to keep my eyes out for it the next time I go over to the shopping mall again which will be like soon.

Eating out seems to becoming an addictive habit of mine too for some reason of another it seems much more easier to let someone else do the cooking instead of me all of the time.

This Wenesdays I will be going to Home Town Buffet with some freinds again.

I really enjoy these photos of the caravan over at facebook as well...which by the way I am no longer with Facebook.

Take care and behave yourself with all of that good eats eating out.

Granny Annie said...

I am glad to see you back also. I wasn't sure if you lost us or if we lost you. How fun to sit and see that parade coming down your road. I would love it.

Mary said...


I'm sure you enjoy seeing the caravan each year. It is unique and something to look forward to.

Glad you are enjoying your summer and congratulations on your story appearing in Cupcakes on the Counter I have had one accepted for Chicken Soup: What I Learned from the Dog and it will be released in September. It's always nice for us to see our babies in print. :-)

Take care and have fun. It's been very hot and humid here...up to 104 with the humidex...cooler today but guess what...more rain.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Sammy said...

I love those photos! What a fun scene!

That's a beautiful comment and much deserved. Congratulations!

I'm glad you're having such a nice summer, Renie!

Deborah Wilson said...


I was wondering if anyone was still out there too - but I've been gone myself. This class that I'm taking and the midterm was a real monster, but now it's getting easier - and the little break from blogland was refreshing.

Good look on your latest story.

I might have missed it but I don't think that you posted the address to your face book page. When you get a chance could you drop me an e-mail or post it on my blog (or this one?)

The caravan is cute, I remember that you posted it last year - I wish that we had this sort of thing in Marietta!

Nancy said...

Hi Rennie,

I've been worried about you, as it had been so long ago that we saw your last post. I was so pleased to see your posting today and to know that you are fine and staying busy. Congrats on being in the new book, too. I've recently started blogging, too. Check it out at
Nancy Julien Kopp

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Well, hello Renie~!! I just bookmarked your blog and then you disappeared into the ethers..*smile*..You have such a lovely blog, and full of pictures! I am glad that you are back, and glad you had a great time away from the Blogosphere!

Maree said...

I have to get The Chicken soup book with your story in it ASAP!

You look great in the photo...pretty as a picture!

We finally got home and I'm trying to catch up...lunch at Mary Bo-Bo's is not exactly what I would call "healthy"...they do serve vegetables. Dick has a "thing" about fried chicken...and biscuits... and cobbler. Now I watch him eat more than partake myself. :-)

Sandy said...

Loved the photos and also the letter from Bob, that is so great! It's wonderful that you heard from him...

GutsyWriter said...

What a nice area you live in, so quiet with horses coming down the street. I am thrilled you received such a nice comment too. Do you have a recipe in the book as well?

Renie Burghardt said...

Yes, Sonia, I have a recipe and a story about the recipe in the Cupcakes on the Counter book.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Renie, it's still Wednesday here,16:08. Thanks for your comment! Sorry about the coffee!
Yesterday I ordered your book Chicken Soup and next week I can fetch it! I am looking forward reading your story!

Janice Thomson said...

That would be so neat to look down the road and see that coming your way! Love the photos.
What a touching comment by Bob.

Glad to be back here reading you again Renie - hope you are having a fabulous summer :) said...

Sounds like you have been having a fun summer!!
Your pictures are great.
Congrats on your story being published!
That was a sweet comment from Bob. Hugs, Grams

BClark said...

Welcome Back Miss Renie!! Sure have missed you, very happy you are back. As always your posts are a joy to read, nice variety.

I tend to lose weight in the summer as I am so busy, the winter is my danger zone.

Thank you for sharing

Margaret Cloud said...

I enjoyed your post very much as I also did the pictures. That was a nice comment Bob made, I was wondering where I could purchase that book? I always enjoy coming by, even if it is to check on you. Have a great weekend and yes summer is fleeting away as foot prints in the sand.

Grandy said...

Nobody could ever forget you, sweet Renie. Congratulations on the book!! :)

Reader Wil said...

Hi dear Renie, thanks for your kind comment! I wish you a great week!

ancient one said...

Congratulations on the cute little book with your story. I'm so proud to know you, even if it is just from Blogland. Love all your photos.. here and on facebook... ~ann

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again Renie!!!
I just left Mary's Writing Nook and she had posted about you both being published in the same book!!!

That is awesome. And I not only wanted to send Mary my congratulations...but come over here as well!!!

Great Job...hope you can write more stories!!!

Linda said...

Many of my blogging buddies have been MIA this summer. I'm one of them too. Maybe when fall arrives we'll all get back to a regular schedule.

Congrats on getting another article published. The comment from your friend's husband was very thoughtful.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Dr Jenn said...

You take great pic's but my fav is in the restaurant .. you all look so happy! Congrats on the new book entry!

Lucy Stern said...

Renie, how do we get a copy of that book? I bet it was fun watching the people, horses and buggies come down your road, what a treat.....

Reader Wil said...

Dear Renie! I bought "Chicken Soup for the Soul Tough Times Tough People", and I read your story. You must have had a very loving, caring and highly respected grandfather.. Strange that I met you on blogspot and that I have experienced those hardships like you have in refugee camps. Living of charity. We fled from Indonesia by the end og 1945, as the Indonesian wanted to put us again in the concentration camps we just had left. We were helped to leave Indonesia by the British, who took us to Singapore, where we stayed in a refugee camp for a few months.
However I think that your life was more difficult, because you never returned to your homeland and you lost your parents. And we returned to the Netherlands where many of us were born. We had also lost all our possessions, but we didn't mind, because we were free!!

Gramma Ann said...

I just read over at Brenda's "Days of My Life" that you have an injured eye. What in the world happened? If I am not being to nosy! LOL....

Reader Wil said...

Hi Renie, I started reading "Chickensoup for the Soul".... and enjoy reading these stories of tough people! Your story is excellent!
Have a great weekend! Hugs, Wil