Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What People Said In The Good Old Nifty Fifties!

My Canadian friend Ellie sent me some sayings from the Fifties. I thought some may enjoy reading these. People worried about the same things that people worry about today, only the price amounts have changed just a tad. Well, maybe a little more than just a tad! -----

"I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's
going to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $20."

"Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long
before $2000 will only buy a used one." (Anyone remember paying $2000 for a new car? )

"If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. A quarter a
pack is ridiculous."

"Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging a dime just to
mail a letter?"

"If they raise the minimum wage to $1, nobody will be able to hire
outside help at the store."

"When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 29 cents a gallon. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage" (Anyone remember 29 cents a gallon gas?)

"Kids today are impossible. Those duck tail hair cuts make it
impossible to stay groomed. Next thing you know, boys will be wearing
their hair as long as the girls."

"I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more. Ever since they let Clark Gable get by with saying 'damn' in 'Gone With The Wind,' it seems every new movie has either "hell" or "damn" in it.

"I read the other day where some scientist thinks it's possible to put a man on the moon by the end of the century They even have some fellows they call astronauts preparing for it down in Texas ."

"Did you see where some baseball player just signed a contract for $75,000 a year just to play ball? It wouldn't surprise me if someday they'll be making more than the president."

"I never thought I'd see the day all our kitchen appliances would be electric. They are even making electric typewriters now." (Thank goodness for laptops now!)

"It's too bad things are so tough nowadays. I see where a few married women are having to work to make ends meet."

"It won't be long before young couples are going to have to hire someone to watch their kids so they can both work."

"Marriage doesn't mean a thing any more; those Hollywood stars seem to be getting divorced at the drop of a hat."

"I'm just afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the door to a whole lot of foreign business." (And it sure did, didn't it?)

"Thank goodness I won't live to see the day when the Government takes half our income in taxes.. I sometimes wonder if we are electing the best people to government." (Hmmmm!)

"The drive-in restaurant is convenient in nice weather, but I seriously doubt they will ever catch on."

"There is no sense going to Lincoln or Omaha anymore for a weekend. It costs nearly $15 a night to stay in a hotel."

"No one can afford to be sick any more; $35 a day in the hospital is too rich for my blood."

"If they think I'll pay 50 cents for a hair cut, forget it."

Maybe some of the older blogger friends will remember these sayings, and the younger ones reading it will say, "Wow, those really were the Good Old Days!" Well, maybe not. But I hope everyone enjoyed reading about what people said in the Nifty Fifties.


Michele L. Tune said...

Thanks for sharing this, Renie! I remember my Grandmother telling me about "the good ole days", and I always love reading/hearing about them.

It is especially fun to find out the prices of things back then--such a difference between then and now, huh?

Sometimes, though, I wish we could merge the technology of today with the old fashioned humbleness, humility, morals, values, ethics, honesty, and gentle ways of yesteryear....


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Michele, I enjoyed posting this, as I remember the good old days well. Yes, it would be nice to be able to merge the technology of today with some of the good things of those days. But every era has its good and bad points, I suppose.

Thanks for all the advice today. Finally got my blog straightened out, but lost a half a day doing it.

Always fondly,


Mary said...


I remember most of those things. I grew up in the 50s and so can relate with the dramatic changes that have occured since then. Dad made $48 a week in those days and he had three children to raise. When I started working in 1965, I started at 65 cents per hour. When I received my first pay check I paid $6 for a skirt and Mom told me that was way too much.

Hamburger was 29 cents a pound when I was first married in 1966. Those were the good old days my friend. I do believe we got more bang for our buck back then though many families struggled to get by.

Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.

Hugs for a great week. It's beautiful here.


Renie Burghardt said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the walk down memory lane. I became an "American girl," in the fifties, and have fond memories of the era myself.

We're having a beautiful day here as well. After a good soaking rain yesterday, the heat moved out, and it's sunny and in the mid-70s today. Couldn't ask for a nicer day. I'm glad your weather is beautiful as well. And I know Meeko enjoys his walks now. My two girls and I went for a nice walk in the woods earlier. Even a cat or two followed us. It was a joy to be back in the woods!



PS. I keep meaning to ask you if you've been in touch with Bertha. Bet she would love to have her own blog.

Hootin'Anni said...

Oh this is really gonna age me....but I DO recall gasoline at 30 cents a gallon.

I hadda laugh at the ball players making $75K. What a hoot.

And the part where boys will be wearing their hair as long as the girls! [call me sick, but I think men look good with long hair. *weird, I know*]

And the 'damn' is okay in the GWTW....but ooooooooo, now-a-days? I don't like it. Seems that's all the writers can put in a script!!


Renie Burghardt said...


I remember a lot of it as well. Things have changed, haven't they?
And you sure know how to perk up a person's spirits. Thank you!

It's nice to remember the past, but even nicer to enjoy the present to the fullest.


ancient one said...

Hey... just a little note. "The bridge to nowhere"... it just ends out in the water... old bridge... On Beach Girls blog she says when a storm came through in the 50's a new inlet was cut through the Outer Banks and a new bridge had to be built... Now they are saying this newer bridge is one of the worst ones in NC and needs to be replaced...

I can imagine the gathering place. Lots of people in our little town meet in the mornings for coffee and breakfast at Hardee's or McDonald's. And it is mostly seniors.

And I am old enough to remember a lot of those things on the list...LOL

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Ann,

Interesting about the bridge to nowhere. Thanks so much for commenting. Always nice to see you here.


Renie Burghardt said...

To Tossing Pebbles in a Stream---

Very sorry but I lost your comment. I had messed up my blog and had to repost my article, and your comment dissapeared. I did appreciate you stopping by, though. Thanks!


Merle said...

Hi Renie ~~ I enjoyed your post and remember most of those prices were similar in Australia.Now gas (petrol) is $1:30 a LITER here, but I don't drive any more. Thanks for your comments and kind words. Glad you enjoy the things I post. I feel we are mostly very fortunate to have our cups overflowing and it is good to enjoy the wonders of nature. Take care Renie, Love, Merle.

Mary said...


I hear from Bertha occassionally. Her son was very sick and she had the boys for a while. I will write you and give you Bert's e-mail. I'm sure she'd love to have her own blog.

Yes, Meeko sure enjoys his walks at this time of year and he is out in the yard most of the day. He just doesn't want to come in. He likes the fall weather and will even lay outside in frigid temps. I just have to watch him and only let him stay out for a few minutes. I wouldn't want his ears to get frost bitten.

Your walk in the woods sounds wonderful. I'm glad you have your girls to keep you safe. I'd enjoy seeing photos of them.


Tina Coruth said...


Thank you for sharing this list. What fun! It certainly brought a smile to my face. I was a kid in the fifties, but with a few minor changes, these applied to my early adulthood. I remember when gas was 35 cents a gallon and the country was on the "verge of ruination" because the boys did wear their hair as long as the girls. LOL


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Merle, well, I have to figure out liter to gallons to compare your cost for gas to ours. Maybe Google will help me.And I agree, our cups are overflowing, and I thank God for that every day. Thank you for posting, my friend. I hope your Thursday is going wonderfully well.

Warm regards, Renie


Thanks for Bert's email. I'll have to prod her a bit to join us in blogging world. She would enjoy it. But it does take up a lot of time, and if she is still watching the boys, she may not feel she has enough time.


Hi Tina,

Ah, yes, the sixties were fun, too, weren't they? Cheap gas, and flower children, and The Beatles! :-)

Hope everything is going wonderfully well in your world. Thank you for visiting. Maybe Anne will appear again, one of these days, and surprise us all. That would be nice.



Gattina said...

Hehehe, and just changing "a little" bit the prices we could put the same for the 60 till 2006 ! It's strange that prices only go up and never down except for computers etc, or for dishwashers, TV etc. !

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Gattina,

So nice to see you here. Thank you for visiting!


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Renie, Sorry you had mu comments disappear. There were witty and brilliant as usual;) On thing I tried to do was to point you toward a site thst has some nostalgic little videos of the '50's and 60's.


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I'm glad you reposted about the nostalgic little videos, Phillip. I'm looking forward to checking them out. Thank you very much.


Mountain Mama said...

Yes I certainly do remember. I also remember gas at four gallons for a dollar on Jack Pot sale day. Wages were not nearly as much as now so even though those prices seem cheap today, they didn't always seem cheap back then.

Renie Burghardt said...

Mountain Mama,

Very true about the prices not being cheap for back then. That's why people complained. Jackpot sale must have been popular!

Thank you much for visiting and commenting. Very nice to you see you here!


Merle said...

Hi Renie ~~ Thank you for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the Bishop's Candlesticks again.
And also the jokes. Take care, Love, Merle.

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Merle,

I always enjoy my visits to Third Try. And I'm always happy to see you here. You are a faithful blogging friend! Thank you. Have a wonderful Saturday.

Warmest regards,


Denise said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, appreciate your kind comments. May you be sweetly blessed.

Susie said...

Hi Renie,
Someone sent me this in an email last week. The fifties were a different time in our society, that's for sure!

Mary said...


I've left you a gift on my blog. You can find it in the top upper right corner. Thanks for being such a great friend over the years.


Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Denise,

Your blog post of this morning changed my mood. After I sang along to "Joy in my heart," everything seemed brighter. I do believe I had a little prompt to visit you. And I do thank you for your sweet comment here.



Hi Susie!

Nice to see you back! I'll be coming by to read all about your special birthday trip. And I never miss your Sunday Blessings.


Mary said...


Please stop by my blog and pick up your Spirit of Christmas Award. Though I left it as a blanket award, I'd like you to have it.


USAincognito said...

Huh.....I remember when gas was 82 cents a gallon. Amazing how far we have come - some good and some not so good!
PS. Thanks for stopping by my site!

Renie Burghardt said...

And thank you for stopping by here.

All the best,