Friday, February 15, 2008

New Awards and Gifts--Thank You!

I received several awards and gifts lately that I haven't had time to acknowlege until now. Thank you friends for passing on these cute and adorable and beautiful awards. I am most appreciative and thankful for them.

Thank you, Karen for the beautiful Friendship Banner!

Thank you, Karen for the Royal Banana Award!

Thank you, Karen, for the cute Toadally Awesome Award!

Thank you, Leann, for the lovely roses!

Thank you, Glo, for passing on the beautiful flower bouquet!

And last but not least, thank you, Mary, for the beautiful Friendship Award!

You are all wonderful bloggers and friends, and I am glad to have gotten to know you. Thank you again. Blessings and Love to all of you! I will post more on these in a few days.


BClark said...

Greetings Miss Renie, Congratulations on all your beautiful awards they certainly are deserved. I have missed stopping by, just busy with life. So wonderful about your books. I keep thinking I will put some of my thoughts and dreams down, you inspire me. Wonderful about the daffydills, I enjoyed reading about them. I have plants over 100 and am hopeful they will all blossom for me in the Spring. I will be sure and post pictures when they finally come out of the deep freeze. Best to you, Barbara

Michele said...

Congratulations on all the beautiful awards, Renie! Of course, they must be beautiful if they're presented to you!


Patty said...

Dear Renie,
Congratulations all on of the awards you have received, it seems as though you have lots of friends. That's so very nice.

Today the sun is shining, it's lovely, some of that horrible ice has melted, still a few patches here and there where the sun doesn't shine on it.

Have a wonderful week-end.

GardenGoose said...

I am glad to know you Renie..I haven't been by to visit as I so sorry....but wanted to stop by and say "howdy" to you..wishing you a lovely week.

Jmkdreak said...

WOW! congrats!!!


audrey` said...

Congratulations, Renie =)))

I'm so happy for you, my friend.

Tina Coruth said...


Congratulations on receiving these beautiful awards!! They have made their way to the perfect home! :-)