Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, before I go into a bit of a rant here, I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I did, for the most part. The weather has been beautiful, the company pleasant, and all the animals that live here, have been well behaved. Even Oreo, who tends to enjoy terrorizing Gracie and Maya, occasionally, has been a perfectly sweet kitty. But, there is a GRRRR, in this story.

Friday, Eileen and I drove to the Purple Castle. Well, actually, it's only a purple house that sort of resembles a castle, and it's about 15 miles from where I live.

Have you ever been charmed by a house? I don't mean impressed by it's grandeur, but charmed by it's uniqueness? That is what I have been by this extraordinary purple house, with the purple picket fence, and purple mailbox!

So we drove to look at it again. I had my camera with me. In the past, I have never seen anyone by the house. So this time, as we sat in the car, in front of it, I contemplated if I should get out and try and take pictures of it.

"What if the people don't like strangers taking pictures?" said Eileen.

"Well, we'll find out soon enough," said I, getting out of the car, while Eileen stayed put. Just as I was aiming my camera at one side of it, for it's a large house, an older woman came out. I introduced myself and asked her if it was okay for me to snap a few pictures of the house. She not only agreed, but after chatting, she invited me inside, to take pictures of the interior. Eileen insisted on staying put again, when I walked back to the car and tried talking her into coming along.

"No, you go, if you want to, and if you don't come out of there within a short time, I am going to call the law. You don't even know these people. They may be strange or something. After all, they live in a purple house!"

Now, if my daughter reads this, she will more than likely think that Eileen was right, and her Mom, me, a bit too daring, as usual.

The woman, Sandra was perfectly gracious. She told me she and her husband designed the house themselves, and have been working on it together for 14 years! And it's still not nearly finished, which was quite obvious, with lumber and even furniture, still stacked up on the numerous porches of the house. And Sandra, who is now in her sixties, is an artist. Much of her art is also stacked up in the various unfinished rooms. Oh, but the few rooms that are finished, are something else! Beautiful, stone fireplaces, a huge mural of a white tailed buck, on one of the walls, which Sandra had painted, stained glass windows, beautiful detail work on the walls, etc.

If I continue with the praises of the uniqueness of this house, this post will turn into a book. The photo's would tell some of the story....would, if I could only upload them onto my pc! But no such luck!

I have tried uploading them since Friday evening, but no success. The message keeps telling me to connect the device, which is connected! GRRRR! I have put freshly charged batteries into the camera, I have taken the little card in and out several times, at my daughters suggestion, I have done everything possible to make it happen, but it's not happenning. GRRRR! So I can't show you the Purple Castle, just yet. Or maybe never. It's stuck in my stupid camera! I am pretty aggravated over this! Can you tell? LOL.

So, I will have to take my laptop and camera in to our PC Guru, Patrick, sometime soon, and see if he can figure it out. But this week will be pretty busy, being that the 4th of July weekend is coming up, and I am determined to enjoy it all, even with a GRRRR, that will be in the back of my mind all week.

Thank you for reading my rant. Hope you have a great week!


Linda said...

What a great story. As I began reading your story I thought of the book I just finished this weekend. "House" by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. BTW, I wouldn't recommend the book.

I understand your frustration about uploading your pictures. Technology is great, but it does have a mind of its own. It's probably something quirky going on.

I posted an award for you on Saturday. I'm just getting here to tell you about it. Hope you can stop by and pick it up. I also have some good news!

Enjoy your week!

Jmkdreak said...

Maybe it's the cord that you connect with. I would try radio shack before patrick. Good luck!
Cant wait to see the pictures = )

ps Yes, I agree with Eileen for sure.

Nonna said...

I can imagine how frustrating that is!! I cant wait to see pictures of it myself! Sounds fascinating!!

BClark said...

Miss Renie, you have all the rants you want. You certainly have listened to mine. I understand the camera frustration.

Now as to the purple house, I LOVE it and that you went in and saw all the goodies. I do not think you are reckless at all, just adventuresome. Look what you would have missed if you had been fainthearted. How super that the people are living their life as they want. As you talked about the house being purple I thought of neighborhood associations and how they would frown on a purple house. They would fine them, and talk about them and make their lives miserable. That is why I like where I am, and if we wanted we could be purple too.

Thank you for sharing, Barbara

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I will anxiously be waiting to see the photos. I know what you mean, our one daughter had borrowed this camera I have that use to be Abe's and she said it wouldn't let her download any photos to her PC any longer. So she brought it back, we took the card out and inserted into this reader thingie Abe has and it still said it couldn't read them. On my computer it keeps telling me to connect and it is connected. After a frustrating week, I gave up and stuck it back in it's box. Haven't messed with it since.

hippochick said...

Oh Renie,

I know you must be very disappointed, but I'm sure your computer guru will work it out. I will be anxiously awaiting the pics when they come. Have a great 4th Holiday.

~hippo hugs~

Michele said...

Aw, Renie, I'm so sorry to hear that! I know exactly the purple castle you're talking about and it's always amazed me. Only, I'd prefer it to be pink! ;-) hehehee

I do hope (and pray!) that your camera works soon--real soon! I can just see Eileen sitting in that car. You walked me right through that house with your lively, descriptive words--what a fabulous home!

Have a great 4th and God bless!

*smiles and hugs*

Susie said...

I know how frustrating techie things can be. Can't wait to see your pictures though!

ancient one said...

Wow... I can't wait either... I wish I had your nerve... the house you visited sounds so much like my neighbors, the artists on my north.. their house is not purple but it is so interesting...everything in their yard is so interesting... I know your pictures will be so great ...

ancient one said...

oh yeah... my greatest frustration is whipping out my camera and discovering I have left the card in the printer back at home...from the last time I uploaded pics...LOL

Nonna said...

I have an award for you so drop by when you get a chance and pick it up!

Have a great day!


Nancy said...

I'll be waiting to see the photos. Maybe you should try re-installing your camera software again as it may have gotten a glitch in it or something. The house sounds so unique!

Wishing you a fun 4th of July! Can you believe the month of June is gone already? Where is the time going?!!!


Sue or David said...

OH that is so frustrating,
And Yes you may copy and paste that poem I am glad to share.

deborah wilson said...


Hopefully you can get your camera problems worked out, I'm sure the pics will be great.

I laughed about Eileen being hesitant...but...

Just be careful, not only of people - but especially look around for animals - some dogs aren't friendly to strangers.

I didn't get back to your comment on my blog until just now - I've been off line for a few days.

Have a good Holiday!

Midlife Mom said...

I know how frustrating it can be when something technical won't work! Thankfully I have my computer guy as I am a bit tech challenged! I want to see the Purple house!! I thought for sure you were going to say that the lady came out and drove you off with her broom or something! That was very gracious of her to invite you in and show you around. We'll all keep our fingers crossed that you get the pictures somehow. :o)

Grace Scott said...

That house sounds great - I will be checking back to see the photos. I love unique houses and often stop and take pictures when we are travelling much to my 13 year old's embarrassment. Have a great day.


Mountain Mama said...

Oh Renie, I do know how you feel. I'm so sorry your pictures won't uplaod. I pray it will be remedied soon and you won't ever have that problem again.
God Bless you, your camera and your computer too.

Sammy said...

Oh, I really want to see the purple house!! It sounds just incredible! One of my all time favorite things to do is look at houses. I love old house tours, visiting unique houses, and even going to open houses on the weekends to check out what's for sale.

And the owner of the purple house sounds wonderful! Sure hope you can get those pictures!

Have a great week!


Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ Great story about the Purple House. It sounds lovely and I am glad you got to see inside.
I hope you can get the photos, but if not, don't worry too much.
Thank you for your visit and comments
Glad you enjoyed the School Prayer (or the lack of) and the jokes. I
think the AAADD applies to a lot of us. I am glad your son came and cut the grass again and did the edges.Take great care, my friend, Love, Merle

Mississippi Songbird said...

Good Luck with the tech stuff..
I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! bunches og hugs.....

Sandy said...

Well you painted such a beautiful picture of the purple castle. I can't WAIT to see the pics. This was fun to read Renie...I sure hope you figure it out. I think I'll ask my husband if he has any suggestions for you.

Tina Coruth said...


Technology, as wonderful as it is, can drive a person up the wall! I hope your tech guru can fix the problem. Sounds like great photos. I enjoyed your description of the purple house. Wonderful!

I hope you are having a great weekend!


Brenda said...

I also will be checking back to see the pics. The story you told was like reading a book. Next page please....

My husband would probably say to turn everything off and unplug everything and then plug it all back in and turn it all back on. Sounds a little too simple, but sometimes it works. Oops...I think you said you already did that...sorry.

audrey` said...

We'll look forward to the pictures on the Purple House.
Just take your time, Renie =)