Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Summer!

Today is the first full day of summer, and I hope everyone is out there, enjoying some lovely weather. Our weather in the Ozarks has been heavenly the past week and a half-mild, sunny days in the low 80s, and cool, good for sleeping, nights. And I have been out and about, enjoying it.

I went to some yard/garage sales this morning, followed by a nice lunch, with friends. Our small town is already getting ready for the Fourth of July, as the tents are all set up in town, selling fireworks. I can't believe the Fourth if July is already almost here!
My favorite neighbors in the woods, the deer, have been around, as usual, and I took a couple of pictures of them. I have not been able to take pictures of the new fawns as of yet, although I have caught glimpses of them. It will be a little while before they will follow mama to the field, where this "odd" human lady lives that talks to them. :-) But they will come eventually.
Before we began mowing my field, it used to be a beautiful meadow, full of wildflowers and butterflies! But, I soon discovered that besides butterflies, many unwanted insects liked the tall grasses and flowers as well. So did the various and sundry snakes, like copperheads and the more benign, but equally unwanted black snakes. They all enjoyed my beautiful meadow. So now, we, or I should say my son, Greg, keeps it short and almost looking like a suburban lawn, and I can see any unwelcome visitors clearly!

My posts have been sparse lately, but there is just too much happenning in my world, that I want to partake in. Even my writing has been neglected. Thank goodness for reprints!

Thank you for reading, God bless, and have a wonderful week, everyone.


Gramma Ann said...

It's summertime, Yippee!

My yellow lilies are blooming now too. They are just to beautiful.

Love the pictures of the deer.

Michele said...

Hi there, Renie! Nice to see you posting your beautiful photos (orange lilies are my favorite flower in the world, besides daisies!) and sharing such splendid thoughts from your heart! ;-)

Yes, thank goodness for reprints. I'll slow down and use them one of these days. hehehe

*smiles and hugs*

Old Lady Lincoln said...

We've been having some beautiful weather also. It did come up a thunderstorm this afternoon, but we needed some rain. I can't imagine living where the deer come up almost to your door. We have just the usual, birds, squirrels. raccoons and once in a while a rabbit in our backyard.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Tina Coruth said...

Happy Summer, Renie!

I love your deer photos. Your mown meadow looks like a lovely lawn. The deer seem to like it. I would much rather mow than wonder where the snakes are and the ticks.

As always, I enjoyed your post, my friend. Have a great Summer Sunday!


Linda said...

How wonderful to have deer come and visit. Every evening they visit at my son's house. He buys corn to feed them, and if he's late putting it out, they stand there and wait.

Have a great week!!

Sammy said...

This is a lovely blog! And these photos are so beautiful. I live far away from the Ozarks in New York City, but I dream of moving out to the real country someday. It's so quiet and peaceful. Your yard full of deer is just dreamy! :-)

Glad I stumbled upon your sweet blog. I'm definitely going to take my time looking around.

Loretta said...

Great pictures! If there is snakes there I want to see them, sure don't like those kind of surprises. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ The deer are lovely and
it is lovely they come to visit you.
Good idea to keep the grass low, thanks Greg to avoid snakes that may lurk about. I hope your summer will be a great time for you. Take care, dera friend, Love, Merle.

Midlife Mom said...

Hi, I wandered in from another blog. What a nice site you have! I enjoyed the pictures of the deer. We have them too and I have yet to see any of the babies. They'll be bringing them in a few weeks I would think. Don't blame you for mowing the meadow! With the tick population ever growing it's the best thing we can do. I mow a couple of acres and it helps with the bugs and black flies that we have here in Maine. I really enjoyed your story of your grandfather making the baskets! What an industrious man!!
We're are finally into summer here too. Things are starting to bloom and the there are many birds and squirrels at the feeders. I have a family of raccoons living in the hayloft, I hope they move out soon, but right now the babies are too small. I saw three of them and there may be more.
Have a wonderful weekend and stop by for a visit some time! :o)

Nancy said...

Hi Renie!

I enjoyed the photos of the deer! I am from PA originally and lived in deer and bear country. My parents had a hotel there in the mountains, and my mom would keep hunters every year. She would feed right around 100 every night, home style! She had the knack for cooking and always knew just how much to cook! So I grew up in the country! I live in the country now but in the South, just a couple miles from the city limits, and I love it here, too. No deer, though! Your meadow looks so beautiful and peaceful!

I see a couple of my new blogger friends are now reading your blog, too! Doesn't take long for blogs to get around that way, does it?

Have a blessed Sunday!


Nonna said...

I enjoy summer until it starts getting so hot you cant stand to be outside, then I'm wishing for fall! LOL

We have been having our fair share of rain this year, and I wont complain about that because a few years ago, we had drought and that wasnt good at all!

Have a blessed week and enjoy your summer!!

Susie said...

Hi Renie,
Your summertime weather sounds just perfect. Ours is blazing hot and isn't even cooling down at night.
What a beautiful picture of the deer in the meadow. It must be so peaceful where you live.
4th of July will be here soon. I need to do some decorating!!

Hope said...

Hi Renie,
I'm back in Blogland and trying to catch up. I've missed reading your blog so I have some catching up to do here too! Come see me!

Love and Hugs,

Sandy said...

Oh...loved the update!!! When I was a kid in Kansas City, a few times we went to visit relatives in the Ozarks. I can't remember just where though, I was too young. I just remember summers swimming in a lake and their house, up the road from it.

Loved the view of your yard and the deer.

sandy said...

I loved seeing your pictures of the deer! It is great that Greg keeps the grass cut low! I just hate snakes!!

Thanks for all your kind words and prayers for Nancy while she was in the hospital! She is home now and I have some new medicine to give her. She has had this kind of meds a couple of years ago.

Happy Summer to your too!! Love and hugs Grams

Nancy said...

Hi Renie!

You have been back to my blog again and mentioned that you were afraid to even ask about Punky. Well, believe it or not, she is doing very well! Her tumor is gone... for the time being, anyway. You can even see the little ridges on the roof of her mouth! The oncologist said it will return in 3 to 6 months, though, and my son said if it does return, he'll have the radiation treatments done again. She only had to have 5 treatments, but Sweet Pea had to have 19. So Punky is eating and enjoying life in Florida right now! She's a tough little gal!!! And we all love her dearly!


Michelle said...

I would be willing to trade for one day. You can have our beautiful beaches if I could just be near enough to the deer to take pictures!

Beautiful, just beautiful.

ancient one said...

Nice pictures of your deer... I guess the dog keeps any away from us...I once saw one jump the wire to the goat pen and soon jump right back out and through the woods..

I don't blame you for not posting as much... especially if you have a chance to get out and do other things..LOL

Merle said...

Hi again Renie ~~ Thank you for your comments and I am glad you liked the
Apron story. My mother used to wear one all the time too as your Grandma did. The glass eye joke was a funny one. Glad you are having beautiful weather, ours isn't too cold. It was our shortest day today and cloudy all day, so now each day will be a little longer. Take care, Love, Merle.

deborah wilson said...


That's beautiful field...:) All I have in the back of my house in a small yard and lots of woods.

The 4th is upon us, and Marietta is also getting ready for the big day. Next weekend, Kennesaw Mountain will be doing reeactments, so there will be good video out of that and other stuff going on around town.

But you know, I put off putting my pics up for Pigeon Hill, I wanted to give it one more try - but I still can't manage to get a pic of the lizards. I guess it's too hot.

Grace Scott said...

Hi there,

I am new to blogging but have found you via another blog. What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful area you live in. I am also thrilled to have summer.


Leann said...

I left a small post but am playing hookie too.its too nice to be in and trapped to a computer.winter is the time for that.
God bless you my dear and see you when we can.have a wonderful summer.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Love the deer photos. Thanks for posting and I know.. It's hard to get on the computer, when the weather outside is so nice.. Enjoy the summer...

Mountain Mama said...

Mowing your meadow is a very good idea, and the deer still have enough new grass for foraging. I wouldn't like running into any kind of snake. I just used the weedeater on my back yard, partly for that reason.

I'm expecting to see the new fawns soon too, although they don't usually show themselves until they are a bit older.
Enjoy your week Renie.
God bless,
Love & Hugs

Nancy said...

Hi Renie,

My daughter's cat has a mass in his abdomen, so he is being referred to a specialists group in Greenville, SC. That's where we took Punky and Sweet Pea for their radiation treatments. Poor Buster has gone from a little over 20 pounds down to 12.9 pounds! He just is not feeling well at all. We need your prayers. Prayers worked for the other two cats, as they are both doing well. I'll keep you posted! Just wanted you to know.....


hippochick said...

oh renie,

what a wonderful world you inhabit. we have had deer in our back yard recently, but i couldn't get a picture.

thanks for sharing your pics.

have a great week.

~hippo hugs~

BClark said...

Miss Renie, You have the right idea, go out enjoy yourself the other things can wait. Sometimes we make our lives about all the things we "have" to do and miss the fun. Love your pictures, have not seen any deer yet although my neighbor did. My garden is growing and every day brings something new popping up. We have had some respite from bad weather which is a real blessing. Enjoy your wonderful life and thank you for sharing, Barbara

Jmkdreak said...

Summertime in the meadow looks beautiful, cut field or not.


audrey` said...

The deers are so cute =)

Mary said...


It's been a while since I visited. Things are hectic here with all the renovations.

I love the photos of the deer and yes, I remember you talking about copperheads and black snakes. I would love the flowers, butterflies and all the other creatures, but not the snakes. They are not something I like to meet up with no matter how benign they are. They give me the creeps.

Take care and enjoy the beauty of nature. You certainly have a wonderful spot in which to enjoy it.