Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Snow in My Neighborhood, and Other Things.

I took a couple of pictures yesterday. This is the gravel road I live on, and as you can see, we have no snow in my neighborhood. Thank goodness for that. And the temperatures this past week have been moderate. Of course, all that will change tonight, when the Alberta Clipper arrives in the woods. But today will be in the low 40s, and I will be heading to town, and to the Chinese Buffet. Might as well enjoy the day, before the deep freeze settles in for the next couple of days.

Yesterday was a frustrating day, to say the least. Blogger suddenly refused to recognize my password. I couldn't get to my Dashboard. It told me I had no account. Huh? All this transpired when friend Patti made her blog private, and sent me an invitation to be able to view it. But, Blogger would not honor that invitation and denied me access to her blog. Finally, it was all straightened out, but not before I had to reset my password. Now I have to make sure I will not forget it. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Here is my little pond, taken from the window in my little sun room. This is my view as I sit at my laptop. Yesterday, a Great Blue Heron landed on the far side, and Felix, who was outside, started walking towards it bravely. That bird was much bigger than Felix, but it took off when it saw the cat! I have tried taking a picture of the heron several times, but he flies off as soon as he sees me. He is a beauty!

And here is a picture of my little pond taken from the field. It is primarily a wild life pond, providing water for birds and beasts all year round. By tonight, when the temperatures drop to single digits, the pond will freeze, which means that cats will have to stay indoors for a few days. Can't have another episode of falling through the ice, and having to be rescued by me!

Thank you for reading. I hope you all stay safe and warm, whatever part of the country or world you're in, friends. And if you're one of the lucky ones, living in warmer parts, send some of that warm air my way!

Blessings from the woods!


Leslie said...

Good Morning, Renie !

I to am waiting for cold, cold weather to get to me tonight.
Great minds think alike ;-)
Yesterday my friend Doris and I went to Berryville for Chinese and did some shopping.
You pictures are great

ancient one said...

We had rain all day yesterday, and yet I got out in it to go fetch my medicine and decided to spend a couple of my gift cards and spent a good deal of time just looking around. I just simply enjoyed having the time to myself and nothing on the horizon to worry about. I've been stressing way to much lately...

Our coldest day is expected to be Friday. My coldest day since we moved into this house 24 years ago, after the birth of my first grandson. They came to stay with me the next day when he left the hospital. Our temps were 3 degrees below zero and that's the only time my water pipes ever froze.

Gramma Ann said...


What lovely pictures, such a cute little pond. I love your view out of your window as you type away on the computer.

Sometimes the internet can be downright frustrating. One day it was putting my e-mail, and comments on my blogs, into Spam. Now I hate Spam so I just hit delete all Spam and yes I want it deleted and away it goes. That day I noticed all my e-mails and comments right as I was about to hit delete all. So now each time I want to delete Spam I have to make a quick check to make sure I don't delete something I want to read. Very frustrating!!

BTW we are having temps minus zero and lots of snow. We must have 14 or more inches of snow with some drifting. I plan on staying in "My Reading Corner" all day.

Have a splendid week.


bennie and patsy said...

What a wonderful picture to see out your windon. Oh! no you did'nt fall in the freezing pond last year? Have a great lunch today.

Brenda said...

Knock on wood, as they say, this computer has been working ok and so has blogger for me, but I have had many problems in the past. it is very frustrating when it acts up. I love your gravel road and pond. Glad you will be getting out today. I havn't had Chinese in a long time. Enjoy your day!

hippo chick said...

We're in for a few cold ones also. It was single digits this morning and is supposed to get colder tomorrow and Friday.

Jim had carpal tunnel surgery today, so now we are all set to stay indoors for a few days.

Keep warm in the woods.

~hippo hugs~

hippo chick said...

P.S. I love your little pond. I just love water of any kind.


Carol said...

Hey Renie.........I've missed you!
I just had to change my password a few days ago too. I still don't known what happened. I wish I could get my up-load pictures to place like yours. I'm learning new things daily so hope is on the horizon! Here in the deep south the 70s went into hiding and left us with 50s high and 20s lows.
I know that sounds warm to you but it's not to us! Oh well it is January after all.

Anonymous said...

We are having so so weather. Actually too dry , way too dry. Yesterday it was 77 and this morning it was 35. It has already warmed up to the low 60s. I love your rambling, as you put it, I think it gives us an insight to other lives and how much alike we (as people) really are. Love you view and Password. Our did the same yesterday to my husband, Although it was our main password. He ended up putting the same one back on but could nto figure out the problem. Oh well it works now.

Jmkdreak said...

The pictures are nice!
Funny Felix, maybe he was hungry = )
lots of craziness on the internet,
glad you figured it out.
Enjoy the warm before the cold.
We have lots of snow here.


Patti said...

Hi renie!! Sorry I caused you so much trouble with blogger yesterday! Im glad you did finally get it to work though. I sure wouldnt want either of us to miss out one each other's posts!Are you ready for the cold weather? Its supposed to be some cooker here also. Wish I didnt have to get out in it to go to work. As long as there isnt ice I guess I can handle it. take care and have a nice week!

Winifred said...

It's lovely to see your photos. The lake is so pretty, it's very relaxing looking at water, so therapeutic.

Hope the weather isn't too cold for you and you enjoy tour Chinese Buffet.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Don't you just hate that when the computer/blogger acts up. It's so frustrating.

Your photos look nice, you should see it here. Everything is covered with that cold white stuff. I hate to think what it might be like by morning.

More later. Sleep well and keep warm.

Michele said...

Beautiful pics, Renie - you're quite the photographer!

I'm looking so forward to spring weather. Won't it be fantabulous?! :-)

Missing ya,

Jennster said...

Good Evening Renie!

Missed you, thought I was going to have to come over here and post a "WHERE YOU ARE" comment! LOL. You have such a pretty place from the pitctures!

As far as the warmth goes, LOL, Your sorry out of luck! We will be down in the twenties tonight and single digits tomorrow night! As you can imagine, LOL, I am not liking it. I'm having to wear shoes... SHOES... do you hear me! No flip flops or sandles. My feet feel confined and sweaty!

Sure laugh. See how you are! But I loves you anyway!

XOXO and WARM UP hugs

BClark said...

Ah yes to the warmer. Tonight is supposed to be the coldest of the year, with chances of -30 or more.
We are doing pretty well, and much better then last year. I love your pond, we do not have one but I have plans for water features. I picture some of our pretty rocks with the water bubbling out over them and then flowing down to a pond. Hope you enjoyed your Chinese food, please stay safe and warm. As always a pleasure to vitit with you. Thank you for all your wonderful posts on mine.
Oh, and yes Blogger does some goofy things. I have on occasion had to go back to my blog in order to sign in, as it would not let me in to post any where.

GutsyWriter said...

Renie, I'm so impressed with your blogging and photography skills. I have a 50-year-old friend in the U.K., who's never used a computer. I just can't believe what she's missing out on especially as her son and Grandson live in California. Have fun with Eileen at the Casino in April. Sounds like you like buffets.

Grandy said...

Oh I hope you enjoyed your lunch at the Chinese Buffet. I've not had such problems with Blogger, but I've also never come across a private blog either.

Hope you don't run into that again.

audrey` said...

Hi Renie

Every now and then, I would have problem logging into my blogger account. Then I would wait for a few days before the problem was corrected on its own.

It wasn't a pleasant wait though =)

Keep warm, my friend.

Adeline said...

Hi Renie...

Great photos u have their... I don;t have problem with login in but I have problem with the alingment in BLOGGER... hmm... hope it will be clear soon...

Sharon said...

When I came to work this morning it was -8 it has now warmed up to 9 and that almost feels warm.
It is to be colder tonight with a slight chance of snow.
I am so ready for warmer all the time.
God bless

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good evening Renie,
It's -3 right now and dropping. I hate to think what it will be in the morning. How do you heat your little home?

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Miss Renie! I LOVE dirt roads. I guess growing up in the country where there were lots of dirt roads for us to ride our horses on just always was so much fun and brings back happy memories. I didn't realize you lived so far out, no wonder you have all the lovely wildlife around. Great blue herons are so beautiful, I hope you can get a picture for us one of these days.

It's very cold here and dropping all the time. I went out just long enough today to walk to the barn to feed little barn kitty and it was bitterly cold. Tomorrow will be cold too but then it's going to start to warm up a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy hearing from you! Great post!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Renie, I envy you for having an excuse with the terrible snow. We got a lot of snow here in MI and it is -8 right now. Brrr...
I had one experience that Blogger didn't let me view my post. I can access to my Dashboard but not my post. Somebody else told me to delete the post that caused the problem, I did, and my problem was solved. If ever you got a problem like that, come to me and I will tell you how to do it. :)

Mary said...


What wonderful photos of your pond and the road where you live. Not one speck of snow and here we are in the middle of a deep freeze, which I posted about last night.

Please drop by my Writing Nook. I have tagged you for a photo meme.

Stay warm and safe.

The W.O.W. factor said...

I'm sorry Renie you have to get that blast from the North! But, wow, what a view you have with that beautiful pond...and the "GREEN" reflections on it! Hopefully it doesn't turn 'white' with frost!
Stay warm and be careful!
Many Hugs~
(you and a few others claim that problem commenting...wonder if it's just on mine? One gal has it with all blogger accts, she's word press)

audrey` said...

You're so sweet. Thank you so much for your care and concern, Renie :o) All of us are feeling better now. My appetite is returning.

I'll let the doctor report the outlet to the Health Department =)

Take care, my dear dear dear friend.

Jaina said...

I bet it's nice to see the ground again. Enjoy the nicer weather. That little pond looks so cute!

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Renie!!! I'm turning on a big giiant fan and sending some of our summer over to you and Leslie. Love the pond and the road. I'm sure that Heron will realise you don't meant it any harm we have a pair that visit us and they're quite friendly

Love and hugs and stay warm

Love Liz

Rosy said...

Close your eyes and click your heels three times and I will try to make your wish come true by sending you some of our grand fined warm southern California style weather your way!

That pond looks really cold just by the color of it. I hope you and your cats will keep each other warm for the following days.

Rosy said...

I would like to add that in the past which hasn't been really not long ago like two months ago I have had some problems at trying to logged in at one of my blogs, I too was told that blog didn't exist. or couldn't been found which also drove me WACKO.

So I waited for a couple of days then try again and sure enough I was able to get back in...however I did loose one blog out of it.

Sandy said...

I love your pond!! I've always wanted a big pond but I have just a tiny little homemade one!

Enjoyed reading you and hope it isn't too cold there now after the artic blast going through everywhere.

My cable went out totally all day yesterday so couldn't be on the internet.

Blogger can be so frustrating at times.

Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ Just a quick note to let you know that I have left an award for you on my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle. said...

I am out and about Thanking blogger for all their prayers for me while I have been so sick! Thanks for all your kind comments!! Love and hugs Grams

Lakeland Jo said...

wow- you got lots of comments. I am hugely jealous and hope I get that grand total one day. I think the most I have ever got is sixteen! I will have to keep working on it eh? LOL
Anyway- just to say how much I love seeing the pictures of where you live.
Don't tell me what you had at the chinese buffet- you know how much I love to hear about it. I am on a diet - have lost four pounds. Can eat very little. Sigh.

Jennster said...


Just popping over to see if your OK, if we lived closer I'd be knocking on your door and hollaring, ARE YOU OK HAVN'T HEARD FROM YOU. Just because I worry and all.


Leslie said...

You have won and award, please come over to receive it.


Gramma Ann said...


In answer to your question about the artist, Those pictures were in an e-mail I received. And No there was no name of the artist. BUT, on "Mercedez Fun Room" blog there is a different video and shows those same feather paintings on it so maybe it would say who the artist is.

Mountain Mama said...

I hope you enjoyed the Chinese Buffet. It's my favorite food.
Your gravel road is just beautiful. My road used to be but it was black topped several years ago and to my way of thinking it was not an improvemnet at all. I miss the rustic charm of the line of grass growing up the center and the pretty rocks to find as I walk.

We have freezing temp's here again and I've felt the chill all day. Hope it warms up soon.

Is your pond man made? It sure is pretty.
Have a blessed week Renie.
God Bless

Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ Your photos are lovely and the little pond so nice. I am glad it has been a bit warmer for you. Thanks for your comments and glad you liked my 10 things, God's wife and the jokes. I have to write a shopping list for tomorrow when it is going to be 41C almost 106 F.
The heat is very tiring to me these days. Take good care of yourself, dear friend. Love and blessings, Merle.

star in heaven said...

Hi Renie,

Thanks for the sharing, very nice photos. I love your little pond. You must take good care of yourself and wear jacket ya.


Deborah Wilson said...


The water in your pond is a beautiful color. Stay warm but get out and do things with your friends. Spring will be here before we know it!

Gramma Ann said...

Good Morning Renie,

I hope the week-end was good to you and you and Eileen didn't eat to much Sunday. I am assuming you two were together yesterday. ;)

Renie, you will find an award waiting for you at my blog:

Linda said...

I think Blogger has given us all problems at one time or another. We are in the middle of the cold clipper and have been getting light snow. Brrrrr it's been cold.

Have a good week.

Margaret Cloud said...

What a view you have, it is so nice to watch God's creatures, I bet the pond with the woods in bloom looks great. Thank you for coming by, I will return to your blog again.

Jennster said...

In answer to your question, I have about 10 post left in Que. I have the song of the day and the quote of the day set up. This I did over our three week break. Or if something comes up and I need to have a unique quote of the day (like todays) then I just make a new post. I type about 70 wpm and think about 100 wpm or better. To type at night just relaxes me.

glad your back and you weathered the storm/cold/whatever! OK

Nancy said...

Your pond is beautiful and so peaceful looking!

We had a trace of snow overnight...maybe a half inch. Not enough for the media to make such a big fuss over, that's for sure. LOL Earlier this evening, I posted a few pics of our BIG snow. We have ahd some cold nights here...down to 11 one night! THAT is cold for here.

I am behind again...been laid up with bursitis in my knee and shoulder both. On prednisone again and that has helped immensely! I hope to be able to catch up reading blogs again this week now, whenever I can sneak a few minutes from my job. LOL

Enjoy your week, Renie!

((( HUGS )))

ancient one said...

Thanks for coming by to see the wedding pictures.

I've noticed some differences in blogger lately... I'm thinking they are fixing problems... when it doesn't work the first time I try... I just come back later and most of the time its okay... I did hear a couple of other bloggers mention that they lost their whole blogs... I hope that never happens to me.. Makes me know I need to start printing again soon...

Enjoy visiting you as always. Love your gravel road... reminds me of my chidhood home on an old dirt road...

Patti said...

Hi Renie! I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I hope your doing well and the weather is warming up a bit for you!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I hope you are having a great week,Ms Renie!
We got just a little bit of snow yesterday.. Nothing that would stick though.. Love your pictures!

Gramma Ann said...

Good Evening, Renie,

So nice to hear from you each evening. Here in Iowa the temperatures are much better. I think it got up to almost 30 today. Tomorrow I think it is to be above freezing, like maybe 35. But we still have all the snow. Maybe, some will melt tomorrow. But, the rest of the week is to be below freezing.

Have a good nights sleep.


Brenda said...

Hi Renie,
I tagged you for a game at my place. Hope you play!
Have a great day!

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Renie, just me stopping by to see if you had a new post up. Have a wonderful weekend and think of us up here in Maine in all our mounds of snow! lol!

Susie said...

Hi Renie,
I've missed catching up with your news. Being within clear view of that pond must provide you with so much joy (and your cats too!)
I'd trade you some sunshine for some rain if I only could!

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Renie,

I suppose you and Eileen had a wonderful day today. In the winter time I watch movies on Sunday afternoons. And talk to my kids back and forth in a blog we have just for the three of us. They post pictures for me and share what they are up to.

Today I watched two movies one with Jack Lemmon and the other one Jack directed. Right now I am watching Rio Bravo, with you know who? Dean Martin. ;))

As far as your blogging, we will miss your stories and wit and humor! But, as the old saying goes, "A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!"

I too, have been thinking about slowing down on my posting. I have already closed my "Moody Blues" blog, and have been thinking about less posting on "Quotes and Things" Life is busy enough without trying to think of something to post everyday. I enjoy reading and am trying to find more time for that. Anywho, have a wonderful week, and once in awhile let us know what you are up to.


Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ Thank you for the Australia Day wishes. Glad you enjoyed the post about it.
We would miss you terribly if you stopped blogging my friend. Maybe you could try once a week or something like thatl I know life gets busy and family comes before blogging and there is your writing.
Do keep in touch a little as you would leave a big hole in our lives.Love you Renie, thank you for being my friend. Take great care, Love and Blessings, Merle.

Mountain Mama said...

I just stopped by to say hello and see you don't have a new post up. I pray you are well dear Renie and will soon be back.
Love, Hugs and Prayers.

Deborah Wilson said...

Ms Renie,

Just checking on you -

You and Ms Eileen must be having a good time!!!!


(Don't fergit the pictures!!!)