Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Babbling About The Weather Again!

I thought I'd start my first post of 2009 with a favorite picture and a bit of babbling about the weather. Here is my granddaughter Nichole, enjoying a TV show along with Fred, the cat! Aren't they cute? They were both very intently watching a movie that was on.

I hope the new year has been going well for all of you. It's been going well here for the most part. The weather has been flip-flopping from mild and spring-like, to ccccold, with episodes of freezing rain.

Friday, the second day of January was nice, and Greg treated Eileen and me to lunch in town, after some power shopping! Haha. (Well, I had a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket!) We told our favorite waiter that he was our mutual boy friend! Ha!

Sunday morning, when I went to church it was still 60F, but an hour and a half later, it was down to 40F, accompanied by a brisk wind! People who went to church without a winter jacket, hurried to their cars. We hurried off to our favorite Sunday buffet!

Then yesterday, Monday, January 5th, I had to go pick up some antibiotics for my sweet Felix-the cat. Although Dr. Fox, the vet, was out of town, Judy, his assistant told me she would have some ready for me. The problem was, the vet's office is 7 miles east of town. I live ten miles south of town, and we were under a freezing rain advisory! So I called Eileen, who lives 3 miles east of town. LOL.

"I'm scared to drive 17 miles. What if the freezing rain starts while I'm on the road?" I said to Eileen on the phone.

"I'll go with you," she offered.

"But then we'll both be in danger," I told her.

"That's okay, at least we won't be alone," she said.

So, Eileen met me at the shopping center in town, and left her car there, and off I drove to the vet's office, praying all the while that the freezing rain would hold off until we were both safely back home.

We got back to town and nothing was happening.
So, of course, we stopped at McD's for a quick grilled chicken sandwich and some delicious hot coffee. And since the freezing rain was still holding off, we also ran to the store and picked up a few things, before finally speeding off to our respective homes. Whew! Thank you, Lord!

When I went to bed last night, the freezing rain was finally doing its thing, and this morning there is a thin coating of ice on the deck! Guess I'll be stuck in the house today reading blogs, cooking a nice pot of vegetable beef soup, and maybe even baking some low-carb cookies!

Thank you for reading my babbling. Hope your weather is better!

Blessings from the frozen woods!


bennie and patsy said...

I can feel your pain over this weather. Had a nasty experience with ice on the road one time and no more will I drive even if it looks like ice. Hope all is well with you. Hugs

Lakeland Jo said...

It is so cold here- unusually so at minus six. Beautiful though- clear blue skies and white frost everywhere. As long as it doesnt snow.
Glad to hear you avoided the freezing rain-urgh.
You sound so like me- any excuse for a nice lunch or a coffee out, and love shopping. Pity we don't live nearer....

Patti said...

The weather has been flip-flopping here in east texas as well. One day its nearly 80 degrees and the next its in the 30's! Crazy texas weather!LOL

Glad you and Eileen made it back home safely from the vet and your other adventures!!

The picture of Nicole and the cat is so so cute!!

Happy New Year Renie!!

Brenda said...

Sounds like you got over the bug you had. Our weather has been pretty much as you described. I have not been out much at all, which helps my budget. Sooner or later I will give in though, and get the "Shopping Bug" and or "Cabin Fever". Those winter illnesses. Ha
Stay warm!

star in heaven said...


Hmmm..outside is cool..better bring spare jacket in case you need it when the weather change. Good to hear you enjoyed yourself :)

Take care ya!!


hippo chick said...

Aren't you blessed to have Eileen in your life? Friends make life so worth-while.

I loved this post. The pic of your granddaughter and the cat is precious.

Hope your week is going well.

~hippo hugs~

Jmkdreak said...

Oh my!
well glad you made it home before the rain. You be careful.
and Fred and Nichole are cute enjoying the movie! = )

Janice Thomson said...

We have finally warmed up so am hoping all this snow and ice will be gone in a week or so as I miss going in the woods so terribly much. I know the dog is missing his daily walk too. This winter has been such an unusual one...think it's the same everywhere.

Gramma Ann said...

Well, it sounds like you and Eileen are a pair of characters! But, it is nice to have a friend to lean on, and who is there for you even if they don't want to be! ;) I'm so glad the rain held off and you two had one last shopping spree before the ice showed it's shiny head. We still have ice on our parking lot, but the roads and sidewalks are bare.

I just keep thinking how nice when Spring gets here, it's only another 6 weeks, so in the mean time I'm going to try to enjoy my quiet time. I love to read, but today I am trying to clean up my desk and all the clutter I have allowed to pile up, I'm almost done. My break is over so will say, Have a nice day! ;)


Winifred said...

Hi Renie I really envy you your lunching out. Wish I lived near you.

It's just cold here, in fact there's very little difference between day & evening temperatures. Just above freezing so we are missing the worst of the weather in the UK. Lovely blue skies and not too much frost.

Love your photo of puss & grandaughter. Take care.

Nancy said...

Oh, what was wrong with Felix? Poor little fella! I do hope the antibiotics has helped him get over whatever was wrong with him. They are like our children, aren't they? I use Pen VK 500mg, cut into fourths for my cats sometimes. That would be 125 mg. pe dose....given every 12 hours. It works, and my vet said it's a broad spectrum antibiotic, and it's much cheaper than the Clavamox they sell you. I get it from my personal physician and just keep it on hand for my cats.

Freezing rain? That makes for a great day inside with your homemdae soup! We had 70 here yesterday and sweated our butts off taking down my outdoor Christmas decorations! Today it's been raining all day! To be in high 50s and 60s all week. Winter really hasn't hit us here yet, but I'm sure we'll get one bad day of ice or snow flurries yet! LOL

The shopping spree sounded like such fun! And lunch, too! You struck gold that day, being with your good friend Eileen and also you son! You are truly blessed, Renie!

Wishing you a great 2009 full of good health, fun times and many blessings!

My love to Felix! The pic of Nicole and Fred was adorable!!! I see where the White House cat "India" died yesterday. 18 years old! I didn't even know they had a cat as all they ever told about were their 2 dogs! If I had your email addy, I would forward you that email to you with India's picture.

((( HUGS )))

Jaina said...

I hope you had a very Happy New Year!!

Jennster said...

I love that picture of your grand-daughter and the cat! SOrry about your weather. I can remember days like that when your driving and praying. Sorry to hear that the weather didn't hold out for you. But then not sorry, LOL, you had to slow down and post! (((Hugs)))
Ps - I just posted a picture for WOW on my blog of the GREEN grass that has started to grow here. Can you believe that? I took pictures today (but havn't posted) of the necterine tree - IT IS BUDDING.

Linda said...

We've been having the yo yo weather here too. I would like to see one big snow then spring flowers! Love the picture of your granddaughter and Fred.

Sandy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your blabbing. I love your friend, just from reading about her. She sounds like quite a loyal friend. Enjoyed seeing Nicole and the kitty...glad you got back before the freezing rain.

enjoyed the post Renie.

Michelle said...

It's so hot here Renie that it is stifling!

Thank you so much for your prayers for Taylor. I posted an update, and I hope you come and see.

This miracle is Taylor's, but it is also Nancy's and Pam's and Cheryl's and YOURS. And all the other wonderful women who don't know Taylor, and yet prayed with so much heart and faith.

All of you wonderful women have humbled me so.

With my undying gratitude,


Nancy said...

I am so sorry about Felix. I had a cat one time that had to have 2 root canals! So an abcessed tooth can be dealt with. I hope it's not one of his 'fang' teeth, as I call those long ones they have in front. They can pull them, but there's a chance of breaking the cheekbone, jawbone or whatever. My Tuffy made a jump from the vanity to the jacuzzi with his wet feet and slipped and broke off both of his 'fang' teeth! You could see the pink pulp..ouch! Next day I took him to another city to a special vet who did the root canals...I never got back home til 7:30 that night with him. He was on pain medication for an entire week. It was rough on him. I wish you the best outcome for Felix. Do you brush their teeth? I do but not every day, and then I use a special veterinary microbial mouth rinse on them. They are used to it now. Just takes a few drops, and my little Precious actually loves the stuff! LOL

My love and hugs to Felix! Keep me posted...I care!

((( HUGS )))

The W.O.W. factor said...

I'm so glad, Renie, that the weather held out for your trip to town! Freezing rain is something I won't drive in either...or walk in!
And I'm glad that your New Year seems to be off to a wonderful start!
And I hope it grows even grander by the day!

Deborah Wilson said...


I hope that your cat is better. It seems that with the weather flip-flopping so much, even the animals get sick.

We have about 13 more weeks before this will shape into spring - I'm just glad that we are finally getting rain around metro-Atlanta - hopefully over the winter it will fill Lake Lanier before summer arrives.

Eileen was sweet to help you out...:)

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Renie! We're having snow and freezing rain here today. I had to go to the craft store for something I just HAD to get but the driving was okay. Slow but okay. Met Hubby and FIL for lunch as I was right in the area where the office is. Amazing how I just seem to land over there at lunch time quite often! ha! Now I'm home and trying to get caught up on all of you.

Glad you made it okay and the freezing rain held off. I wouldn't want to drive for 17 miles in it either.

The picture of your granddaughter and Fred is just so darned cute! They can be such buddies. Munchie just loves to snuggle up with me when I watch tv. I love having her too and then Noodles sleeps with us part of most nights. Such companions!

Take care Renie, I always enjoy my visit at your place! xoxo

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like you've had a good start to a new year. Glad you and Eileen made it safely to and from the vets, plus a quick sandwich and home again, safely before the ice hit.

It was icy here yesterday morning, but not nearly as bad as my Mother who lives about 20 miles North of us. Their schools were closed. Ours wasn't even running on a delay, but my Granddaughter and I walked very carefully to the bus stop around the corner.

Have a great rest of the week. Ice I don't like, snow I can live with. I'm always afraid the ice will weight down the power lines and snap them off.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Cute photo! I hope you are enjoying the first week of this new year... I hope it brings all of us much happiness..

Adeline said...

Thanks for droppping by at my blog... Wishing you a great new year!!!

BClark said...

Well I for one love your babbling, so please keep it up. Our weather has been more to the cold end of things but we have gotten up into the 20's a few times. Amazing how that can feel springlike,lol.

Carol said...

Renie.........What a delightful blog! I am so glad I stumbled on to it!Driving in that kind of weather is so scary, glad you had a friend to share it with. I will be dropping in on you so as to keep up with your goings on!

Sharon said...

We have been getting the ice also.
I stopped by via Nonna News.
I really did enjoy reading your post.
May I put you on my list?
God Bless.

Mary said...


It sounds like the trip was a success and I'm glad you took your friend with you and that both of you got home safe and sound.

I enjoyed visiting. It's been way too long. I've been really sick throughout December and to the present, but feel I'm recuperating well at this point. I just don't want to relapse.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Let the Sun shine very soon.
Wishing happy new year.

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes please add me to your list. I enjoy meeting new friends to visit with.
God Bless

bennie and patsy said...

Renie I took that thing off my post. Hope that helps to get your comments.

Mountain Mama said...

I love reading your post. I have had the same sort of experiences, trying to hurry and get things in town done before the snow came. I remember that feeling of urgency too and then the child like adventrous spirit that makes us do just a few more things, like McDonalds, (grin) sort of daring the ice and snow to interfere. And oh yes the wonderful feeling of finally getting home and inside where it's warm and hugging our house with our heart.
I just love you Renie!! And I love to read your blog because you write in a way that I can easily relate. It brings back so many memories and good feelings.

Annie Wicking said...

Great photo of your granddaughter & Fred.

best wishes & ((Hugs))


Gill - That British Woman said...

it's getting colder up here as the week progresses, but then it is Winter, so what can we expect living in Canada!!!

Gill in Canada

Leslie said...

We have been having some weird weather in Virginia too-warm and then cold. I'm looking forward to Spring and all the pretty flowers.

Glad your friend was able to come along with you to get the meds for your kitty. Freezing rain is not nice. Take care to be careful if you go out in it.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

That picture of Nicole and Fred is so cute. You are very blessed to have a friend like Eileen. God bless both of you.
It is my first winter here, and I wish that it will soon be over.

Patti said...

dont forget to email me so I can add you to my private blog as a reader!


Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ Nice to see your latest post and enjoyed your babbling
I hope Felix will be OK. Glad Eileen
went with you and the freezing rain
held off for you. Nice that Greg took you and Eileen out for lunch.
Glad you liked the story of Kyle and the jokes. I hope the week ahead will be a good one for you. I am looking forward to the arrival of two cousins. Take great care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Renie, Love the photo and the lovely story. Sorry about your pussy cat not being well. I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't get too frozen!! Sorry it's taken me so long to get over and say HI Renie!!!

Lots of love and hugs

Brandy said...

Hi, its been so long since i have gotten to get on here. The weather here has been cold and rainey. Lots and lots of rain. We have had some snow here this year too, more than usual, well its off to bed now Good night

Michele said...

Hi there, Renie!

Love the picture. :-)

Hope you're doing well...

*smiles and hugs*

audrey` said...

Eileen is such a dearie friend =)

Praise our good Lord for keeping both of you safe.
Take care.