Monday, September 17, 2007

Moping Around

It was a beautiful day today. Summer-like temperatures returned, but the sun was pleasant, and not uncomfortably hot. A good day to be out and about, enjoying the warmth laced with a cool breeze playing its leaf harp through the trees.

But I've had "the mopes" today. The mopes, a dictionary tells me, is having low spirits; having the blues. I don't know why. It just descended on me like a dense fog, and it hung over me with it's depressing dampness.

To be moping around, I read, is to be gloomy and dejected. Ah, yes, that definition fit me well, today.

A dog never mopes around. He lives in the "now" and enjoys the moment. If during a walk, he happens to come upon a little creek in the woods, he plops in and cools off, then shakes himself and is off and running, following all the exciting scents the woods abound with.

A cat never mopes around either. If he comes upon a fallen log in the woods, well, he uses it as a scratching post! What could be more perfect than that, for a cat?

And does a squirrel mope? Nope. He is too busy looking for something to munch on, and relishing his find.

And trying to get these pictures to look right, in here, helped me forget the mopes. Now I'm just frustrated! Oh, well, tomorrow is a new day.


Jmkdreak said...

Gee, you should've called me!
I dont want you to have the mopes ever. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

Renie Burghardt said...

Aww, thank you, sweetie. But there are times when we have to mope around on our own.


Michele L. Tune said...

Oh, too bad you had "the mopes", Renie!

I hope the sun brightened your spirits.

This post and the photos are excellent! I hung on every single word, anticipating the end.

Cheer up!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Michele,

Thank you, my friend, for your nice comment. I feel more cheerful this morning. Hopefully, it will be a more productive day as well.

Fond regards,


deborah wilson said...

Hey Renie -

Shoot, I guess everyone gets the mopes every now and then and can't figure out why...I know I do. I think even our animal friends gets it too - ever notice how a dog will lay down and rest his head on his paws when he is blue? The mopes will always leave us though. Our daily routines may be the same but each sunrise presents us with another day of life - and the possibility of wonderful surprises to come. Come on, smile just a little......:)

Susie said...

I think we all have days like this from time to time. Hope by the time you read this you're feeling much cheerier!

Merle said...

Hi Renie ~~ It is nice to meet you and I hope you do not have too many mopey days. Just being alive and reasonably well is pleasure enough most of the time. I am glad that you enjoy my blog and some of the stories and jokes I post.
I hope you visit again Renie. Cheers, Merle.

Renie Burghardt said...


I missed you! Yes, I guess you are right. Everyone gets the mopes sometimes. And even dogs can be sad. I don't think that would apply to cats, though! Thanks a bunch for cheering me up.


Yes, I am more cheerful again. I went to a lovely farewell dinner Sunday evening, and that may have contributed to the mopes. Farewells can be sad. Thank you for coming by. Smiling faces always cheer me up!

Dear Merle,

It's nice to see your smiling face here as well. Thank you much for coming by, and I'll be visiting your blog regularly. It's so cheery and uplifting.



ancient one said...

I was mopey on Monday as well... yesterday was great...haven't decided about today yet..LOL

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Ann,

Maybe Mondays bring on the blues for more people. Today has been very nice. I went to lunch with a friend and then we went shopping. It has been a fun day. Came home with a new fall purse/pocketbook, and new lipstick in a pretty peachy-pink color, and I'm perked up. I think what Merle said is right though, anytime one wakes up to a new day feeling reasonably good, is pleasure enough.

Thanks for stopping by.


GardenGoose said...

hope the mully grubs have left... and that you are "right as rain" real soon.
Thanks so very much for visiting my blog. I hope that you will stop by every now and again for a visit.
I'm having a little drawing this week that you are welcome to join in.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Tina,

So nice of you to drop in and visit. Thank you. I will stop back and visit the garden goose often!



Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I hope your spirits rise soon and then soars! Usually a walk in the wild helps me overcome depression,(major moping)

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, yes, a walk in the wilds always manages to lift my spirits, as well. Nature is "good medicine!"

Thank you kindly for visiting my blog. I look forward to visiting, tossing pebbles.



Tina Coruth said...


I hope the mopes have flown away! You found a good way to deal with them. I love your photos! I think we could learn a lot from animals. Wish I had the nerve to just plop into a stream! It's wonderful to read your stories and observations again!


Tina Coruth said...

Hi again, Renie! I completely forgot to tell you that I Mary told me about the blogs you and she have. I set up a blog for friends too. If you have a chance to stop by, here it is:

Tina's Odds & Ends

I think this is a great idea. I am enjoying visiting you and Mary. It's just like the old days!


Merle said...

Hi again Renie ~~ Thank you for your visit and for leaving comments. Glad you liked the poem to God and the jokes. Thanks also for your kind words. Take care, Love, Merle.

Renie Burghardt said...

Tina, Hi!!!

So good to see you here, old friend. My goodness, what a surprise. I was just saying to Mary how nice it would be to have some of our favorite suites on here. Would be like old times. And here you are. Just got home. Was gone all day, and I must say it was so very nice to see your name. I'll be over to visit in a bit. Thank you for the visit, tina.

Big Hugs,


Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Merle,

And thank you for visiting again. I do so appreciate it. I was gone all day today as well as yesterday, so didn't have time for a new blog entry. I will work on one a little later. I know you'll have an uplifting new entry on your blog that I will come by and read.

God bless you, Merle!


Mary said...


I'm certainly glad that blogging helped you to get over the mopes. The photos are wonderful and so is your outlook on life.

Take care,

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Mary,

You know, my photo's are old. I can't wait to get some new ones up, as soon as I can.

Thank you for commenting. Have a great weekend!


Amy Derby said...

Hi Renie,

I can relate to the mopes, because I suffer from depression. It just comes and goes, no reason really.

Animals always help keep me in perspective, too. Between my pet rabbits and the squirrels I feed in the yard, there's always some little furry reminder to keep smiling.

Oh, and uploading pictures really is a good (albeit frustrating - haha) diversion from the blues!!

I'm glad to have found your blog.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Amy!

What a nice surprise to find your comment. I get the mopes more frequently than I like, but can usually shake them with a walk in the woods, watching the animals, or talking to friends. Usually they're just short, foggy periods, that come and go. And I find that blogging helps shake them too. The kindred spirits in blog land are good at cheering one up.

Thank you kindly for stopping by. I hope those adorable rabbits and the squirrels you enjoy, are all doing their best to keep you cheered up!