Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Sad Sunday Surprise

A somewhat sad Sunday, as Father Mike announced that he would be leaving us in a couple of weeks, and a new Shepherd of the Flock would be taking over our spiritual care. It was a surprise to everyone! I hate to see him leave; I've grown accustomed to his caring, gentle ways. I'll never forget when he made the announcement last November right in church that "our famous writer Renie Burghardt is having a surprise birthday party downstairs, please stop in to wish her happy birthday." I almost fell over in the pew, when I heard him, and everyone turned to look and smile at me. However, my daughter was peeved at Father Mike for giving away the surprise before they got me downstairs on some ploy, so they could all yell "surprise!" My friend Jan then made the remark that Father Mike should be spanked for spoiling the surprise. And Garnet burst out laughing, while Eileen looked at Jan with a disapproving frown. Jan is bad! Actually, he didn't really spoil it, for it was a nice surprise to have him announce it to the entire congregation. However, today's surprise was sad. I will miss Father Mike!


Michele L. Tune said...

Oh, how sad, Renie. I'm sure no one will take Father Mike's place, but perhaps you'll find a new love and appreciation for the new "Shepherd of the Flock."

That's a fond memory to have of Father Mike announcing your surprise birthday party, and that you were able to enjoy the fellowship!

You could always honor Father Mike with a story dedicated to him ;)


Jmkdreak said...

Farewell to Father Mike!
Yes, he did spoil all that
hard work and months of working
on surprising you!

Renie Burghardt said...

Thank you, Michele for commenting. I imagine I will get used to and even get to like our new Shepherd of the Flock. But it's still sad to see Father Mike leaving. I may give him a book with one of my stories.


Renie Burghardt said...

Yes, sweetie, I guess he did spoil the surprise, but in such a sweet way! :)

Michele L. Tune said...

That's a kind farewell gift, Renie! I'm sure he'd love a book with one of your stories ;)