Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Que Serra, Serra

I missed an anthology deadline the other day. I had forgotten all about it, until a young writer friend reminded me of it today. Yikes! So what did I do? I wrote a story for it anyway, and sent it off three days late. If it gets rejected for being late, well, at least I tried, and maybe learned a valuable lesson. And if I get lucky, and it gets accepted, I will be thankful.

I was surprised how well the story flowed, and I didn't have too much trouble with it, even though there was the stress of getting it done quickly. Two hours later, The Well Fertilized Baby, was finished, and on it's way through the email. Whatever happens now, happens. Que Serra, Serra!


Michele L. Tune said...

Oh, how sweet! And, my Grandma sang Que Serra, Serra when I was little:)

I pray your story makes it!

Renie Burghardt said...

Thank you, Michele. Hope your story makes it into the book, even if mine got there too late. What ever will be, will be, right? I always liked the song, too. :-)

Jmkdreak said...

You'll have to send me the story, I'm curious to see what you wrote about Greg!! I hope it makes it into the book!


Renie Burghardt said...

Haha, you may not want to read the story! But it's exactly how it happened. :-)

Michele L. Tune said...

How exciting! While reading the newspaper today, I noticed your name. Nice little piece about your story being included in Chicken Soup for the Brothers & Sisters Soul!