Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blowing My Horn, and Other Sound Effects, Oi Veh!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday week. I certainly did with my daughter and the girls, above. When they left on Friday evening to fly back to Ohio, a bug decided to come and stay with me!

I woke up Saturday morning with a miserable cold, and went to see the doctor and got medicine. It turned out I had a nasty sinus infection. Since then I have been blowing my trumpet, (well, okay, nose,) sneezing and coughing and generally feeling out of sorts. Of course, I did not go to church Sunday, deciding to spare the congregation of my sound effects and germs, and have been pretty well in bed these last few days.

This morning, I feel much better, and will attempt to go to town and pick up some groceries, and stop for coffee with friends.

I hope everyone is well and getting ready for Christmas or Hanukkah, or whatever you are celebrating. My granddaughters put up my Christmas tree, as they do every year when they are here for Thanksgiving. So, except for a bit more shopping, I am ready for the holiday.

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful week.

Blessings from the woods!


Patti said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick! I've had a sinus infection too and it seems to want to stick around for a while!

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your girls!!

Granny Annie said...

More truth in apples not falling far from trees. Beautiful daughter and granddaughters like beautiful Mom/Grandmom!

Brenda said...

I have to agree with Granny Annie there about apples from the same tree. Beautiful girls like Mom and Grandma. Seems many of us are sick like you. We all have it also. But just a cold, not an infection. That would be so nice to have grand kids put up the tree. I will have to remember that for when mine get older.
Stay warm!

bennie and patsy said...

Glad you are feeling better, lovely family. I know you had a twinkle in your eye when they were doing the tree. They will be back to take in down for you? That is the job I do not like.

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Renie,

Sounds like you and the family had a wonderful time together. Like the rest said, I agree, you and yours are quite lovely to look at! I hope the bug left and stays away the rest of the winter.

Have a wonderful day with your friends and the rest of the week.

ancient one said...

I think that sinus stuff is everywhere and like someone else said.. it tends to stick around a while..

Glad your holiday week went so well. Your beautiful girls all take after you.

Now hurry and get back to 100% as soon as possible.

Linda said...

Hope you had a Great time in Ohio...
There has been a nasty bug going around, so I hope you didn't pick it up here (Ohio).

Take Care, and stay warm

Jmkdreak said...

that picture is supposed to be a funny one, not a blog one! haha.
oh well.
glad you're feeling a little better.


Lakeland Jo said...

sorry you have been off colour. There is a lot of bugs going round over here, and there will be plenty more this week- the weather is dire!
Hope you feel a lot stronger soon

Winifred said...

Hi Renie

Hope you're feeling better. I had a bug complete with sinus problem in October and it was awful. Hope it clears quickly, I just sniffed Olbus oil all the time and that worked eventually.

Oh you're way ahead of me in the Christmas stakes. I don't put my tree up until a week before Christmas and I've still got lots to buy. I don't know where the recession is! I don't believe what retailers are saying about sales being down. The shops are crammed every day. Anyway I'm hoping to get a bit more on Thursday when I shop with my daughter.

Take care of yourself

Deborah Wilson said...


I hope you are over the bug soon. So far, I've escaped the bug this season and I hope that I don't get it at all. Colds/flu are miserable.

A picture of pretty girls!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I'm glad you are feeling better.. Love the photos! Yes, I am so ready for Christmas! Bunches of hugs...

Nancy said...

Hi Renie!

So sorry you have been sick...hope you are feeling better by now. I am still palying catch-up with everyone...I honestly don't think anyone really catches up...it's just an ongoing circle. But I love it and wish I had more time to visit more often!

Your daughter and granddaughters are a pretty group of young ladies!!! Know you enjoyed their visit so much. Nice that the girls put your tree up for you! Sounds like you are further along with your Christmas shopping than I am! LOL

You get well now! I'm thinking of you! Love you!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hi Renie! I'm so glad the 'bug' didn't come while the girls were all there so you could enjoy your time with them! What a bunch of gorgeous gals in your family!!
I sure hope you are feeling better soon! That bug has been biting all over the country this year!
Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Even though you are feeling better don't over do too soon or you may have a relapse.

Your daughter and grand daughters are beautiful!!! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. It was so nice of them to help you get your tree up and decorated. I plan to get mine up this week. I even wrapped a few gifts tonight.

Have a great week and take care of yourself.

JennyLu said...

Oh my goodness. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs. I also hope you don't get a bug like the one going around down here, you get a sour stomac he, runny nose, and all over aches in every joint in your body. Ugh. I just wanna curl up somewhere!

Love the pic, everyone looks really happy. Glad you had a good time.

Michele said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick, Renie. I'm glad you've been getting rest, though, and getting your strength back up.

LOVE the new photos - you have a beautiful family!

Happy Holidays!


Grandy said...

Hi Renie~
I'm glad you had a great visit with your daughter and the girls. That's a great pic.

I'm sorry you had to go get sick.

Hope you're better soon!!

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Renie, so glad you are starting to feel better from that ole' bug! We all have too much to do this time of year, can't be down too long with a nasty bug!

Such a nice picture of your girls! Nice that they put your tree up for you. Tomorrow I am going to have my yard man carry mine up from the basement and get it set up. I will decorate it but I'll have him do all the stairs! :o) I used to tug and lug all of that stuff but not any more!

Keep rested so that you continue to get over that sinus infection!

Take care and I hope you got to go to town and visit your friends for coffee! xoxox

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Again Renie,

I am sorry to hear your cold is hangin' on so long. Mind stayed around for two, I still cough everyday a few times. But I feel so much better and have gotten back some of my energy. So much so that yesterday, I washed my bedroom curtains and hung a different pair.

I'm going to watch Hallmark at 8pm-10pm. It's a movie based on a Louisa May Alcott, story.

I hope you have a restful night of sleep. Good night for now.


Gramma Ann said...

"for two weeks" lol

hippo chick said...

Oh my dear Renie,

I hope you are feeling much better. Isn't it fun to celebrate with our loved ones? We had a great time in LV.

Looking forward to December posts.

~hippo hugs~

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Renie, finally I can actually get a comment box showing. I've had trouble the last couple of weeks trying to leave comments on my favourite blogs.

I hope you are much better now after having that awful bug. What a lovely family you have. I am so looking forward to one day being a grandma myself so I can have fun with my grandchildren like you have. On a happy note. I received the Marie Antoinette Blog award a few days ago. I have chosen your wonderful blog as one of those to pass it on to. You are such a wonderful inspiration to me and my family. Thank you so much for you lovely kind words on the post I did about my eldest daughter. It meant so much to me.

All the best and please get better very soon.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

A hug for you, Ms. Renie. :)

Gramma Ann said...

Good Morning Renie,

Please stop by my blog: http://annsquotesandthings.blogspot.com/ for a well-deserved award. Thank you.

Jaina said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick, but at least it waited until company was gone. I hope you keep feeling better. :)

Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ I hope you are feeling much better by now. It was lovely of your granddaughters to put up your Christmas tree. I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your daughter and her girls. All lovely
like their Grandma.
What a shame you had to get that sinus infection after such a happy visit. I do hope it is over or very nearly gone. Take good care of yourself, Much love, Merle.

star in heaven said...

Dear Renie,

Sorry to hear you have been sick!! I hope you are getting well by now..
Please take good care of yourself :)

From Star

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Get fully well soon, Ms. Renie. And I hope you have a nice weekend. :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

By the way, Ms. Renie, I was trying to view Patti's blog, and it looks like she had a problem with her blog. If she got the same problem I had last night, I can help with that, go to my blog and look for that post.
Thank you very much.

Mountain Mama said...

God bless you Renie. Those sinus infections are miserable!! I pray you are feeling better by now and will be up and at it real soon!
I finally got my Christmas tree up and decorated. It took several days because my back is pretty bad right now. I also put an evergreen garland and blue lights all around the front deck so it's looking pretty Christmassy here. Some of my neighbors have their lights up too and the two little boys next door are getting excited for santa to come.
Take good care of yourself dear and be well soon.
Love, hugs & prayers

Deborah Wilson said...


You already know the Butterfly award is there (lol) I am moving so slow tonight, it's taking so long for blogs to load.

ancient one said...

Thanks for coming by today and commenting on my breakfast. You know that was a quick photo, don't you! I didn't want my cheerios to get soggy. LOL

Hope you are feeling better!

Merle said...

Dear Renie ~ ~ I do hope you are feeling much better and I hope you got your shopping done, with Greg.
Glad you enjoyed the post. Renie.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

BClark said...

Tis the season, not only for joy but for nasty bugs. So glad you are on the mend. I make sure to take my emergenC, plus a multi vit each day. I have also been taking some d, articles that I have read say we are not getting enough. Now I read that in the winter we may also need some extra zinc. So far it is working. Please take extra good care of yourself.

audrey` said...

Hi Renie

Are you feeling better now?

So sorry to hear that you're down with the bug after the lovely visit from your daughter and grandchildren.

Please take very good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

hi renie. glad you're feeling much better now. God bless you, renie. ♥

Sandy said...

I hope by now you are feeling better. How nice that they put your tree up for you. I need to suggest that to my kids.

Sandy said...

I hope by now you are feeling better. How nice that they put your tree up for you. I need to suggest that to my kids.

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Renie,

How are you feeling? Better? Has the bug left or is he still hanging around? I hope you are up and about and just to busy to post this week. Have a nice week if that is possible.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Hi Renie, just checking in and hoping you are feeling better these days so you can enjoy the Holidays.
~Hugs & well wishes~