Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful!

After a warm, sixty degree Sunday, our weather turned frightful. Yesterday we had freezing rain and sleet all day, and peeking out the glass door this morning, I see it is raining. Since it is 19 F out there, that is freezing rain again!

It's only the second day of this frightful mess and I'm already getting cabin fever! But as you can see, Fred the cat is enjoying the warmth of the Christmas tree lights, while he dreams of his favorite past time-chasing squirrels outdoors!

What is really even worse about all that sleet that looks like snow out there, is that I can't spend any time outdoors. It's just too slippery. It was in December of 2005 when I went out to feed the birds while there was snow on the ground, and fell and broke my hip. I recovered well from that terrible ordeal, thank the Good Lord, and thanks to my wonderful sons and daughter, who took turns spending six weeks staying with me so I could recover at home, instead of in a nursing home.

So, I have been listening to my Christmas Cd's, especially the new German one, " Weinachten mit Hansi," (Christmas with Hansi) sent to me by my old and dear friend Maria, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you, Maria! It is a beautiful CD!

Of course, this weather means we will have to miss our Chinese Buffet day on Wednesday, but Eileen and I are both hoping we will be able to attend our annual Christmas Bingo and Luncheon, at our church, on Thursday. It is always great fun, and we go home with some nice Christmas prizes. Keep your fingers crossed that our weather will warm up by Thursday, as the forecast is promising.

I hope the weather is better where you are, friends, while you're out and about, getting ready for Christmas.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Blessings from the woods!


Leslie said...

Hi, Renie I am always happy to have another follower, now I am following yours,too.
I live in Eureka Springs,are you close to me ? Speaking of Chinese Buffets, the best one I have found is Berryville (if you can believe that.) And I have lived in Japan, Okinawa, Korea and Hawaii. Come on over and we can go out to eat Chinese. My weather is the same as yours. Yuk !!

hippo chick said...

Dear, dear Renie,

I am praying for the weather to lift so you can go to your party. I just so love playing BINGO.

Do be careful. No more broken bones of any kind, okay? I went 60 years without any kind of a broken bone then broke my arm and wrist in three years time. UGH!!

When I had my bone scan the technician said to me "The good news is your bones are strong. the bad news is you are very clumsy."

~hippo hugs~

bennie and patsy said...

Stay in please, I opened the back door and pitched sunflower seed out. It is just ice out there and cold wind.

Jmkdreak said...

Stay inside this time.
Dont you even think about taking a chance. How can you have cabin fever with the internet and all those blogs and books and nature out the window??? You be careful and content and warm like Fred the cat under the tree. Take a nap and rest up for thursday.
too bad Chinese doesnt deliver = )

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Renie,

Good idea to stay inside. White Christmas is nice but being snowed in won't be much fun. Love the photo. I used to wonder why as a little girl why we never had snow like on the Christmas cards. Summer of course to your winter.I'll send you lots of summer wishes and hugs

Lots of love

Sandy said...

Renie, just wrote out a long comment (for me) and it froze up..

so very quickly, I'll say, I feel for you!!! We will get snow to night...

hope this gets through before the internet freezes me up.

Sandy said...

good, it went through..and I wanted to say how great you and Eileen have each other to pal around with.

Brenda said...

Our weather is the same as yours. Yuk. I have had to come over to my daughters to babysit, so we don't have to take the baby out in this. I did get to the bookstore over the weekend though, and guess what I found. The magazine with your story in it! I don't have it here with me and I forget the name of it right now, but I think Wayne Dyer is on the cover. I enjoyed your story about the coat very much. Glad I found it. Stay warm and be careful on this ice!

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Renie,

Stay in and enjoy your quiet time. We all need a little quiet time now and again.

We are getting snow today. The weather forecast is predicting 5 to 6 inches of snow. And then Thursday and Friday are calling for some more snow. Oh, well! it is winter, isn't it? This is the time of the year I catch up with my reading, of the books I bought this summer and last year.

Fix a hot chocolate and curl up with a good book and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You are wise to stay inside. We had sleet last night,which is very unusual for us. Today as I drove into town, I was in awe of the surrounding hills, dusted with snow. Mt Shast was beautiful and covered with snow. Today the air is crisp. Feels wonderful and the air is so clean and fresh.
Hope you are not cabin bound too long.
Have a great day.


Janice Thomson said...

We got half a foot of snow that half melted and froze again - like you I have to be really careful about falling so I've been stuck inside too. Hope the weather changes for you soon :)

Winifred said...

Oh dear, take care.

It's cold here but no snow or even ice at the moment. It's getting a bit warmer over the next few days.
Hope your weather improves too.

Deborah Wilson said...


I'm sorry to hear about the sleet and cold especially after your beautiful days. Now it is our turn, warm the rest of the week - afterward, I expect it to turn cold here too.

Sometime, you will have to tell us about you and Ms. Eileen's Bingo adventures - with some pictures!

I've never played Bingo (outside of my home) but I've been thinking about it. All the girls who play tell me it's fun..:)

Patti said...

Its been cold and dreery here in east Texas too. Its days like this that I wish I didnt work and could sit at home by the fire. That is a cute picture of your cat under the tree!I hope the weather gets better so you dont miss your bingo fun!

Patti said...
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JennyLu said...

Dear Sweet Renie

I am so sorry your froze in! I hope you have enough goods in the pantry to keep you until the weather breaks and you can get out.

I love the picture of mr kitty. Awwww.

It was warm enough here to turn the AC on in the car two days in a row! Can you believe that?


Dawn said...

19 degrees?? Yikes! You definitely should stay inside and avoid any trouble out in that slippery stuff!!

Lakeland Jo said...
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Lakeland Jo said...

Hi Renie
Sorry to hear you are penned in at home because of the weather. You sound very like me- like to be out and about enjoying life.
But...you're right to take good care. It isn't worth slipping and hurting yourself.
We have had major problems where we live with ice and snow on public footpaths lasting for days- the local council has been in major trouble!!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get to the lunch and bingo at church.
Take good care
Lakeland JO

Rosy said...

Perhaps if the lord is willing you will get a break to sneak out to go play bingo and come back with some great christmas prizes too.

We been having some rain here, Monday we had some pretty wild wet and crazy weather, strong gust of winds brought down a metal rain gutter and then it was just hanging there swinging back and fourth beating against the apartments next door, I thought for sure it was going to smash a window, but the lord was watching I guess, or perhaps he was just playing with my head. lol

Take care....and I hope you don't come with cabin fever anytime soon.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

We're having that ice now, it hit last evening around 4pm, made everything nice and slippery for the workers getting off work at 5. It took our daughter till 6:45 to get home, normally she's here in 30 to 45 mins, last night it was 1 hour and 45 mins from the time she left work. Schools are running on a two hour delay this morning but I look for them to cancel all together in a little while. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Abe is having that procedure done again this morning, blowing that talc into the lung and it's suppose to help keep it from collapsing again. But yet there is no guarantee. Isn't old age interesting. LOL Have a great day, stay warm and in doors.

Linda said...

We have had freezing rain making driving very difficult. It's warming up for a few days.

I love the picture of Fred under the tree. Cats love Christmas trees. Hope you'll be able to get out soon.

BClark said...

Oh, Miss Renie, I am so sorry your weather is yucky. I am glad that you are being sensible and staying inside and being safe.
We are at -2 at the moment, had fluffy snow yesterday and more to come tomorrow and through the weekend. All the critters are doing well, as am I.

The very best to you

Mary said...


Yikes! What terrible weather you're having. We had a snowstorm last night overnight and ended up with about 6 inches. It was -15 C last week with windchill and that was nasty, but it wasn't so bad today. Just wish the wind would die down. We've had windy days for a couple of weeks now and that makes it seem colder than it is.

I do hope you can make your Christmas bingo. It sounds like lots of fun. Be sure to take your camera along and get photos so we can join in the fun.

Stay safe and warm, my friend and be careful when you go out.

Love and hugs,

Gill - That British Woman said...

make sure you are careful then when you are outside. We got snow yesterday and are in for another blast of Winter tomorrow. Not sure if its coming from your way or not? Had a feeling it was coming from Colorado, but I could be wrong?

One thing for sure, we will be having a white Christmas this year!!

Gill in Canada

star in heaven said...

Hi Renie,

Please take good care of yourself as you just recovered from sick.

And be careful when you are out there as it is slippery.

Will pray for your outing on Thursday.

Enjoy ya...

Thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my blog. It really encourage me. As you are aware, I'm not a good writer..hhaah

With lots of hugs
Star ^*_*^

Leslie said...

So happy to have come to your blog through Leslie's blog. I am Leslie too. I am glad you are staying inside with the weather as it is where you live-certainly a wise choice since you don't want to risk falling again.

It's chilly here in Virginia but no ice storms to speak of. I guess we're lucky with 48F today!

You have many friends concerned about you and your safety so heed their warnings and just stay inside with the kitty!

Happy blogging and here' to your weather improving soon so you can do the things you like to do.


Nancy said...

Sounds like good hot chocolate weather to me! I love days like that....we don't get many like it, though. Our entire city and area just shuts right down at the mention of the word 'snow.' I love to stay in and bake and smell the good smells from the oven!

Yes, stay inside...just throw the bird seed to the birds this year. No more falls!

Hopefully, you were able to get out today to attend your annual Christmas Bingo and Luncheon at your church. We were in the low 70's today here. Still 71 here at 6:23pm!

I do think I have fallen in love with Fred! He looks darling and so settled in your Christmas tree! Such a pretty picture!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Linda said...

We have been getting freezing rain as well...I'd rather have snow!

Please be careful yourself, and have a Merry Christmas!


Jaina said...

I'm cold just reading that! Stay cozy!

Midlife Mom said...

It is really cold here too. I bundled up to take barn kitty some canned food at noon time. Usually I go in the morning so she was more then ready for it. Of course I have a big bag of dry food out there that she can eat out of but she likes her wet food. Your kitty looks so comfy nestled in your tree! What a pretty picture!
Broken hip! Please don't go out if it is slippery from the freezing rain! I do hope you get to go to your bingo and other Christmas events. We are expecting a big storm to come in on Sunday. Don't know how much accumulation yet but it's supposed to be a bad one. Of course that all can change if things take a different course. Hopefully all will be calm on Christmas Eve as we have a big crowd coming in and some of them have to travel two hours to get here and then go home. I told them they should stay over but they have plans with some of the others in the family on Christmas Day so want to go home. The cars keep going by tonight as people are out looking at the Christmas lights. Come on over and check out how my neice got to see the Christmas lights last night............ Take care and have a wonderful Christmas Renie!!! xoxo

ancient one said...

Hope your weather has warmed up by now...and melted the ice... it has been warm here this week, but gray and misty rain.. and I spent it on the couch sick with a stomach virus...yuck!!

Stay warm and safe..

Mary said...

Good to see you posting again!
The weather is really making headlines. We are expecting the temp to be near 80 degrees tomorrow and then a severe drop Sunday. I hope you will be able to attend your party. .

Merry Christmas!


Merle said...

Dear Renie ~~ I am so sorry the weather is so cold and slippery.
Please do take care and stay inside and warm until it improves.
I hope you and Eileen were able to get to the celebration at your church. Have a wonderful Christmas
and health and happiness in 2009.
Much love, Merle.

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Renie. Sorry you have cabin fever. I understand how you feel. Our temp this morn was 4 F and we are getting more snow on top of the 8 inches we already had. It is supposed to continue snowing at least till Christmas. I don't like walking on ice either.
Take care and have a wonderful Christmas.
Love & hugs

Hootin' Anni said...


May your holiday be filled with happiness and the joy and comfort that the season brings.

Merry Christmas

BClark said...

Happy Holidays Miss Renie. I hope your shopping spree was successful.
I know you had a wonderful time with your son. We are snowed in at the moment, thank goodness it was not Husband's weekend to come home.

Anonymous said...

Dear,Renie! as usually brilliant post,
Thank you very much for comment on my blog!

Merry Christmas!

Steven May

Sammy said...

Hi Renie!

I've been stuck inside for 3 days thanks to snow, sleet, and freezing rain. We're making the best of it though with lots of cookies and hot cocoa!

Fred the cat is wonderful! What a great picture!

Merry Christmas, Renie!


Leslie said...

Hi Renie-Thanks for stopping over and for the sweet comments on my kitty postcards. I painted them on wood that was pre-cut from the Ben Franklin store-they were only 50 cents each! I think they look like wooden postcards.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and all of your many friends.

Joy to the World, the Lord Has Come!


audrey` said...

The weather had been very wet and cold lately. It rains almost everyday. Please keep yourself warm.

Yes, our good Lord is very good all the time =) All glory be to Him for healing you speedily and completely in 2005.